Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Squash and misc. items of interest...

A good portion of our day was spent in bringing in some more of the bounty from the garden. As it's supposed to get very cold on Friday, and as we had the first SNOW of the year this morning, we figured it was time to pick our squash...

I read in one of our preserving books this year that, if you oil (with vegetable oil) your squash before putting them into storage, it will keep them from molding for a good while longer. So, we're giving it a try! See how shiny our Zucchini are now? :)

While I worked on making another batch of tomato soup to can, the rest of my family picked the rest of the tomatoes and cabbage from the garden and brought them in... (This isn't all of them.)

I thought I'd point you to some other blogs tonight for some things of possible interest to you...

  1. You can visit my mom or my brothers' blogs for more pictures of our Appleseed;
  2. You can help name a goat on Hannah's blog;
  3. Or you can see a long list of recipes for things to do with apples by visiting Rachel's post (you have to scroll about half way down the page until you find it.)



Hannah said...

SNOW! Our neighbor heard that we are supposed to get some this weekend. It sure feels like it as it is REALLY brrr outside, and rainy too.
Nice squash! They are always so yummy to cook up in the winter, Aren't they?

Thanks for directing people to our goat in need of a name! I like hearing what others come up with!

Rachel said...

Wow! You all certainly have a lot of vegetables! :D Your zucchini is awfully large, it looks like a different variety than the ones I grew I think...did you grow a different variety than the normal zucchini or is that just how it grew in your area? :) How big of a crop did you you start out with of you zucchini (I mean acres or whatever, I'm not sure what you call it). Yeah, I was wondering if I should pick our green tomatoes out in the garden...I'm not sure when our first frost is due. :)

Aww, aren't you sweet! :D Thank you for including my apple recipes in with this! :)

Love and Hugs!

Kimberly said...

That's a lot of produce. Good job.

Miss Jen said...

Wow... beautiful what BOUNTY!!!

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Cora Beth said...

Thanks one and all for the comments!

Does your goat have a name yet?

We grew "Normal" zucchini this year, but it just normally grows like mad where we live! :) I think we had 8 plants... We ate zucchini all summer, but there just got to be more than we could eat and so the others got huge. We'll most likely grind them up and freeze the pulp for making zucchini bread later on.

Oh, and about your tomatoes... We learned that, if you want your green tomatoes to ripen faster, just put them in a brown paper bag and they'll be ripe shortly. Hope that helps,