Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pictures from yesterday~

Apple picking pictures~

Here's my grandpa Harvey...
My dad putting apples in the boxes...

Mother doing the same...

Here I'm using one of Grandpa's apple pickers to try to reach some of the higher apples...
Two monkeys in the tree...

A closer view of monkey Jacob...

This picture was taken over at my Bornemann grandparents' house. Grandma Marly had found a keepsake that she had from my parents' wedding--a heart candy holder that was on the head table. She gave it to my parents (along with a very nice anniversary present too.)

It was a lovely day~
This was a lovely day also, as a heatwave came through and we had highs of 70 something degrees! We took advantage of the warm weather and did a lot of outside work. I'll just tell you quick the main things we did:
  1. Picked the popcorn and found a place for it to dry in the house
  2. Hauled corn stalks and giant squash to the goats
  3. Made a Fall display and tied it to the old plow that we use as a lawn ornament
  4. Tilled up an area and planted 100 tulip bulbs
  5. Dad worked on the semi most of the afternoon
  6. Picked Lima beans and started shelling them
  7. Saved Marigold, Zinnia and Love-in-a-Mist seeds
  8. Hung up a load of wash--yes, A load, as there were too many bees around that liked the smell of the laundry

Some things got done inside too:

  1. Ground up and froze last batch of tomato sauce
  2. Cut up vegetables for another kettle full of sauce
  3. Baked bread
  4. Made homemade pizza and fried up zucchini in butter and dill

As you can see, our day was full and now my bed looks so appealing. :)


Kimberly said...

How did you and your family get all that done in one day?! I would be tired, too. All I did was make tomato sauce and I thought I accomplished a lot. Oh, is a new day. Blessings Dear Cora!

Cora Beth said...

I think we wore ourselves out, as we didn't get that much done today. :) Besides the usual things, I made tomato sauce, supper, etc... while Mom and Jacob did schoolwork and Andrew burned garbage and worked outside...

Blessings to you~ I always enjoy your comments! :)

Anonymous said...


What a love-in-a-mist seeds?? They sound beautiful! What do they look like??

Mary Cecilia.