Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you think I'll pass... a cowgirl??????

Some friends told us that the definition of a cowboy/girl is: a person that owns at least 3 cows, so I guess I could qualify as one according to that. However, usually when I think of a cowboy or cowgirl, I think of someone who is on their horse as often as possible; someone who walks around in chaps, clanging their spurs as they go. :) This is NOT me! We don't even own a horse currently and I haven't ridden one for several years.... I do have cows and like cows though, so perhaps I can claim the title of "Cowgirl" anyway? Hmmm....

If you haven't guessed yet that my hat came in the mail today, then I'll tell you now that it did! It's just as nice as I was hoping it would be.... Now I just need to get used to walking carefully through doorways and such, as I'm not used to my head needing so much space. :)

Enough about that...

Mother and I had a delightful time at my former (and current, at times) music teachers' house this morning! We needed to go to Linton (about 45 miles away) so that Jacob could get his calf check signed off at the FSA office and so that I could make a payment on my loan, so we decided to drive the 15 miles farther and visit the Keisters, as I needed some technical help from my teacher on a certain piece of music. He gave me lots of helpful advice and now I just need to put it into practice. :) Oh, I should tell you about this special piece of music... Amanda's (the young lady whom I'm going to be Maid-of-Honor for in a couple weeks) parents have asked me to play piano for them while they sing (at the wedding) the song that they had sung for their wedding. I feel honored to be asked to play, and yet I'm a bit nervous too, as I've never done anything like this before! Prayers would be very much appreciated, now, as I practice the song and try to make it as lovely as possible, and especially on Nov. 8th--the big day!

After we were through at the Keisters, Mother and I went to the FSA office to take care of our business. It was taking longer there than I thought it would, and we were supposed to meet a lady at 1:30, so Mom left me at the office and went to meet Mrs. Ballard...

I'd better explain how we know Mrs. Ballard before I go any further... We first met Mrs. B many, many years ago, when we started attending the Baptist church in Linton--the church that she and her husband attended. I don't remember that time in my life very much, as I was 6-9 years old when we went there, but I do remember a very special moment after church one day, when Mrs. Ballard came up to me and presented me with a beautiful teddy bear that she had made just for me!!! That bear has sat on my dresser ever since. Today I was trying to remember if the bear was for a birthday gift or something, but Mother says that Mrs. B just loved me so much back then that she just wanted me to have a pretty bear. We figured out that it's been 13 years since we've seen Mrs. B!

Now, to get to the reason for this meeting...... When we went through my grandma Erdie's clothes this Summer, (she passed away in April,) we found a nice fur coat and a nice leather one. As no-body's going to wear them, Mother had the idea to ask Mrs. Ballard to make them into teddy bears for us!!! Mom called Mrs. B up yesterday and everything fell into place for us to meet her in town today.

Now to get back to my story of this afternoon, Mother went and met Mrs. B at the church; visited and got the coats to her. Mrs. Ballard said she was hoping to be able to see me too, and Mother told her she could if she'd come over to the FSA building and wait a few minutes, which she decided to do. When I walked out of the building and started walking down the sidewalk, Mrs. B got out of her pickup and came towards me with arms outstretched--ready to give me a giant hug! When she finally stepped back, she said that she'd still have recognized me even if she didn't know I was me. (That sounds funny!) I still remembered her too, but then I think I've changed a little more in the last 13 years than she has. :) It was so nice to see her...

Well, I could write more---about breaking into our Temvik house (because we didn't have the keys along) to get some items we wanted to have at our farm and other such interesting tidbits, but as it's getting late, I'd best bid you goodnight.

"Sweet dreams and may God bless you~"


Dilvin said...

Hi Cora,
What a fine hat! I like it! you look very nice in it.
I so glad you were able to meet up with your dear friend. That is always so nice. "Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other is gold!"

talk to you latter.

Miss Jen said...

Oh yes indeed~
you are a darling
cow girl!! :)

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Rachel said...

Well, it sounds like you had a very productive and busy day! Lol! ;) I LOVE the hat! Yes, you can officially be called a cowgirl now! :D We call people without any animals cowgirls/boys if they have the hat (or boots or whatever) ;) I can't wait to see you with the hat in your maid of honor dress! :D You'll look so beautiful! :D

Aww, I am sure you will play lovely! :) How sweet of the parents to sing that! If that were my parents, I'd be crying during the ceremony! :) Lol! I will pray for you though, for you nerves and practice time and that all will go well. (which I am sure it will) ;)

Aww, she sounds like my kindergarten Sunday school teacher! :D We have known her for years too! But since I was only in kindergarten, I don't think she'd know "ME" anywhere, maybe my parents though. Lol! ;) We still try to keep in touch with her. She is married and has a little girl now, but she was always my favorite teacher, and I cried when I had to move up to the second grade Sunday school class. :)

Hugs and Love!

Hannah said...

Yes, you pass as a lovely cowgirl!
I'm sure you will do the piano piece beautifully...just let the music flow from you fingers and don't worry about what others might be thinking...I've found that works for me!
That is so nice that you were able to meet up with your friend again...!

*~Virginia~* said...

haha, Of COURSE you pass! You look great! And I Love that hat!:-)