Saturday, October 31, 2009

We watched "The Widow's Might!"

I don't remember where we first heard about "The Widow's Might", but my brothers and I learned more about it at last years' home school convention, during Mr. Escobar's talks. As we heard more about this movie, and learned that it has a bit of a western theme to it, I kept it in mind as a perfect birthday gift for Jacob, as he loves that sort of thing...

Well, I purchased the DVD a while back and it's been sitting in my dresser drawer for several weeks now. Jacob's birthday is this coming Thursday and, as I'm going to be leaving Friday morning for James and Amanda's wedding in Montana (and will probably wish to get to bed early Thur. night), I thought I'd give him his present now so we could all watch it together this afternoon. (Certain members of our family were getting tired of watching "It's a Wonderful Life" over and over.) So, we watched this fantastically done movie!

This film was made mainly by home-schoolers and it was so wonderful to see Christian values coming through so loudly and clearly! We loved it and would recommend it to others (even if you're not a fan of Westerns, as the western theme is only in parts of it.) We also watched the special features about the making of the movie and now have a much greater appreciation for the kind of work that goes into such a production. WOW!

To follow up on yesterdays' remarks about going out with the guys and their guns--I thought I'd just inform you that I did go. I wanted to take some pictures of them... (Can you see the clay pigeon flying high in the clouds?)
They did talk me into shooting too. Andrew let me use his shotgun and Dad threw for me.

Dad: "Are you ready?"
Myself: "I guess so..."
Dad: "Ok, here it goes!"

The clay bird goes flying through the air. I look down the barrel at the little bead on the end, trying to align it with the quickly falling orange piece of clay... I squeeze the trigger... BANG! I close my eyes as I'm so surprised by the recoil of the gun, (even though I'd been thoroughly warned beforehand,) and consequently don't see where my shot went to.

Dad: "Hey!"
Brothers: "You hit it and sent it into a hundred pieces!"
I was so shocked!!!

The next two shots didn't amount to much, as I think I was still so excited. That, or maybe I was concentrating too hard on keeping my eyes open this time? Anyway, we had a good time. :) Oh, and I'm pleased to announce that the guys' aim was considerably better today than it was yesterday--especially Jacobs'... He was hitting the skeet almost every time!

That was our afternoon excitement. Tomorrow we want to bring the cows home (a 5 mile journey,) so prayers for all to go well would be very much appreciated!

Oh, and as it's now "Tomorrow", I'll wish you all a blessed November. ~


Hannah said...

I would be surprised if I hit the clay pigeon!
(yes I could see it in the clouds!)
Bringing the cows back sounds like it would be fun! I like stuff like that!
Isn't it strange that it is already November????

Miss Jen said...

Blessed November to you~ dear friend! I hope this month will
bring you many joys and blessings!
Oh.... *sigh* I so want to watch
The Widow's Might!

Love~ Miss Jen

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks really, really hard to shoot that tiny bird.

And have fun 'bringing the cows home'. That must be harder than shooting the clay bird! My family only has 80 acres, so our cows only ever walk a 1/4 of a mile. :)

Hannah said...

Great job at shooting the clay bird, Cora! It sounds like you had fun. :-)

I'm glad your family liked The Widow's Might. Did you order it from their website? We got it off of Blue Behemoth a while back and really enjoyed it! The Moores have also made a couple other movies that we liked (Bubble Trouble and Heartstrings).

BTW, thanks for sharing the link to my blog. I hope it is a blessing to others!

Love, in Jesus, Hannah

P.S. I'll be praying that you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Montana!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for the comment Hannah!!! It's so nice hearing from you again and I really appreciate that you'll be praying for my journey! It sounds like the weather will be nice, so that's a real praise already!

I ordered The Widows' Might from Christian Books Distributors, as I was ordering something else from their store at the same time. I've heard a little bit about the Moores' other videos, but haven't seen any of them. Perhaps they will make for good birthday gifts in the future. :)

May God bless you~


Naomi K said...

Oh, yes, you would enjoy the Moore's other movies as well! Personally I like "Bubble Trouble" the best, even if it's not as high-tech or whatever. We enjoyed "The Widow's Might" though too - I had to watch it a couple times to follow the whole story line.

I've only shot clay pigeons once...and I didn't hit anything, so congratulations :)