Sunday, November 1, 2009

A cattle drive~

The Lord blessed us with a lovely day for moving the cows home--even with the wind blowing in the right direction so as to push those little doggies home. :)

Mother took some pictures of our adventure while she was waiting for the cows to come up in front, so I'm happy to be able to post some here...

The road, or rather, the path up to the pasture is pretty muddy and was impassible for our larger vehicles, so we were glad to be able to use our hunting friends' Ranger to get around--plus my dad and Andrew drove their dirt-bikes up in the really wet areas. Here's a picture of one of the bad places in the "Road." There are several more!
The Ram, ready for action... (Jacob drove this today.)

I got the job of driving the Ranger in the ditches--to try to keep the cows out of the corn-field and up on the road where they belonged...

Everything went really pretty well and we had the cows, calves and bulls home in about 2 hours time.
We are all so glad to have them home again before Winter settles in!

Mother and I are rejoicing tonight for another reason as well: This was the last day of the Master Cleanse--which means that we get to eat again! I made some Pumpkin Pancakes to celebrate (recipe compliments of Miss Jen.) Counting the 3 days time getting on the cleanse and the 3 days coming off again, we drank our "Lemonade" for a total of 20 days. Over that time, I became 16 pounds lighter and Mother lost nearly that much also, not to mention the health benefits, so we're very happy! :) One thing that the cleanse did for me was to give me a new appreciation for the substance we call food! How blessed we are in this country to have such bounty in that department..... And yet, just writing this made me think again... Is it really a blessing--if we just take it for granted? Hmmm.... Yes, still I would have to say bounteous food IS a blessing, as we don't need to eat as much as we do, but we can get what we need, when we need it!

"Thank you Lord for Your bounty!"


Kimberly said...

Good job, Cora, to you and your mother. That is quite an accomplishment! And your mother has done several times already. She is amazing. Having the cattle home is a good feeling, I'm sure. The movie sounds great. I will have to order it. Have a good day.

Hannah said...

Glad everything went well with getting the cattle home!
And... congratulations on finishing the Master Cleanse!

Dilvin said...

What a beautiful picture of the cows!
You live in beautiful country!

Congratulations! you made it thru the whole cleanse!
I have thought of doing a cleanse but doing it with raw
milk instead.