Saturday, November 28, 2009

A day of true rest--for me~

Thank you to all who prayed for my grandpa Harvey to recover well from his recent surgery! When mother called his sister's house yesterday to talk to him, nobody answered the phone, so she called Grandpa's house in SD and here he was home already! So, seeing as his 80th birthday is on Tuesday, and he seemed well enough for a little party, a gathering was quickly planned for today to celebrate the great occasion.

Jacob & I baked a cake and I put the finishing touches on it this morning before my family left. I still have a nasty cough--that seemed to be getting worse instead of better, so it was decided that I should stay home and rest all day while the rest went to Eureka. I had a lovely day on the couch--listening to a Dr. Davis message; reading through the cake decorating books Mother got me at the library; writing a letter to my dear friend, Dorena; listening to Christmas music on Rejoice Radio; and, yes, just sleeping! I feel much better now too... PTL!

I just put the pictures on my computer that Mother took today and I'm sure she'll want to share them and tell about their time, but I wanted to upload this one of Grandpa with his birthday cake: :) I think he looks quite well considering all he's been through lately.
Now, believe it or not, I'm tired still and should get some more rest.

Sleep well~


Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful cake!
Did you make it dear?!

I am so happy that your
Grandpa had a wonderful

Blessings and Sweet Rest!

Love~ Miss Jen

Cora Beth said...

Well, Miss Jen, it was a group effort! Jacob baked the cake; Mother picked the design; and I decorated it. :)

Thank you for your comment!