Monday, November 30, 2009

A very interesting day~

Mother, Jacob & my day was interesting--in that Ben Dagley came to get screenings and he had lunch with us while he was here. We helped him fill the two large totes he had, using 5 gallon buckets. It took about an hours time and a lot of muscle power, but soon we had him on his way again.

Andrew's day was interesting--in that he dug out the grain cleaner from the back of the Quonset and spent the afternoon cleaning for a farmer that lives about an hour away. Thankfully it was nice outside, considering the time of year we're in.

But, I think my dad had the most interesting day out of all of us!!! He spent the day in court, waiting his turn to testify in behalf of a widow friend of ours.

He had a lot to tell us when he got home--about the lawyers; the judge; his own testimony and even about the complex procedure of getting through the metal detector! We're hoping and praying that things will go well so that our widow friend will get her land back. It's a long and sad story but, basically, she signed a paper without realizing what she was really signing--the paper stating that she wanted to sell her land (which she didn't want to do) to her brother-in-law--who has since then been killed in a car accident...

My papa has so much work to do with hauling grain to Enderlin, but he felt that he needed to stand up for this widow and to say what needed to be said. We're all so proud of him!


The Cowgirls said...

Hey There Ifound your blog It is very interesting i really like it Check out our blog!! Thanks Hannah

Hannah said...

I hope all goes well for your friend.

Dilvîn said...

That IS very interesting Cora!
Your dad did the best thing for that dear Lady!
It is so nice to see others helping widows in their distress.
It is worthy of praise!
When we give of our selves
we get so much more!
God's blessings on you and your family
have a good day!

Kyrie said...

Hmm, makes me think a little of "The Widow's Might". By the way, I had not heard of that movie until I read about it on your blog! It got me so interested, and I started asking my friends and other family if they knew anything about it, and I started researching it online, and found lots of praise for it. We are kinda leery about spending money on a movie we haven't seen, 'cause several times people have told us "oh this is such a good movie!" about this or that one, and then we get it, and it's like "UHGG! This is NOT a good movie!" We've been 'burnt' so many times that way. But anyway, my grandmother heard me talking about The Widow's Might, so she went to the Christianbookstore, and got it! We borrowed it later, and it WAS a good movie! It was so nice to sit down and see something all the way through without having to flinch because of a bad word or imodesty.
Thanks for telling about it! (Mom got it for two of my uncles and their families for Christmas too ;) ! )



Cora Beth said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!

I'm so glad you enjoyed and appreciated "The Widow's Might" also! Thanks so much for sharing that!!! I know what you mean about seeing movies that others have said are great and wondering what they found to be good aobut them. Sad!
We've recently ordered 2 more copies for friends of ours... :)