Sunday, November 22, 2009

Answered prayers...

Thank you (everyone who prayed) for praying!!!

We found out rather after the fact this morning that Grandpa had his surgery and things seem to have gone well. Prayers for his recuperating time would still be appreciated though!!!

The Lord also answered several prayers on our part for lovely weather while working calves--in the later part of November in ND! It got up to about 50 degrees; the sun was shining; and the wind was hushed to just a breeze. It was lovely weather for cattle-working together. :)

Here are some of the calves, waiting to be worked:
This poor guy was getting things done from several different angles... Part of my job was to cover the calves eyes with my hands so that they'd settle down. (It really helps!)
Here's our record keeper (Mom), with some helpers looking on. (Jerome--my dad's cousin and Jacob...)
After we'd finished with the stock calves, there still was some daylight remaining, so we decided to work our Holstein calves too. This involves the very unpleasant job of dehorning them. (Note: You may not want to look at the next picture if you get squeamish easily!)
We started working with the cattle around 9:30 this morning and finished by 5:30, so things moved along very smoothly! We're praising God for safety because, outside of some achy muscles, nobody got kicked or bonked or run over--as far as I know anyway!
Before I end, I just wanted to share this picture of the tropical centerpiece that Mother assembled the other night. I thought it was just too cute not to share...


Dilvin said...

That is a unique centerpiece!
Glad you all were kept safe while working the calves.
That is alot of calves!
Have a good night
sleep well!

Miss Jen said...

Praise God~ about your Grandpa!
Thank you for sharing.

What a fun delightful
tropical centerpiece.

Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen

Kimberly said...

I'm sorry. I haven't had time to be on the computer much lately and didn't see your post about your grandfather until this morning. I will pray now though and was relieved to hear that the surgery went well.

The weather has been wonderful! How nice that you have "working calves" done! Whitney and Ryan will be doing that on Wednesday. It sounds like a big job!

Blessings on your week!

Rachel said...

Aww, so sorry your grandfather had to have surgery, but oh, so happy that he went through it well! I will definitely keep him in my prayers! :) Sorry I didn't read your other post until today, as I was busy this weekend, so I wasn't checking the blogs. :(

So glad no one was kicked or anything and it all went well! :) I bet your glad that's all taken care of! ;)

OH, how lovely! And very creative too! You could add all kinds of fruits to it if you had them on hand or for a party or something! ;)

Love and Hugs! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!