Saturday, November 14, 2009

To Be One~

About a month ago, I received a copy of "To Be One" and wanted to watch it with my family for quite a while before we actually had time to. Then I started this review right away, but got busy with trying to get ready for my friends' wedding, so that I'm just getting this posted now~

I'd like to share my thoughts here with you (and some of the conclusions that my family came to after discussing the movie for an hour or so after it was over!)

This movie tells about 3 couples' journeys to the marriage alter--the struggles they had and the joy and peace that they found. The 3 stories are quite different from each other and are each special in their own unique way.

I don't wish to spoil the stories for you, (in case you ever have the opportunity to watch this film,) so I'll just give a brief overview... I should probably mention that our family has come to see Betrothal as the most Biblical route of getting into marriage, but as we haven't had any experience with that yet, it was helpful to see the steps in these couples' journeys.

The first couple called their relationship before marriage "Courtship," although they followed a lot of the guidelines that we would like to use in Betrothal. For example, there was a lot of parental involvement (both of the young people were wanting it to be that way) and a lot of prayers said on all sides. One very touching scene in the movie was a video clip from Jeff and Ashley's engagement party... Jeff washed Ashley's feet, (just as Jesus showed that He was a servant by washing His disciples' feet ) and, when it was Ashley's turn to wash Jeff's feet, she did so and then proceeded to dry his feet with her hair!

The second couple went through a Betrothal to get to the marriage alter and then had a pretty non-traditional wedding, full of different symbolisms. It was interesting seeing the grooms' family especially (the Lindvalls), as my parents have heard Mr. Lindvall speak at a home school convention years ago and appreciated his message, so we have some of his tapes! But, back to the young couple...

The parents of this couple first received the impression that the young people were to be married, and then talked to their children about it. The young people prayed and felt that it was God's will too, so they got betrothed. My family & I were a little disappointed in their story, as it seemed like the young people didn't really have any attraction for each other and were just doing this because it was what they were supposed to do. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always imagined that, even when the parents bring up the opinion that so and so could be your wife/husband, and the matter is prayed about and decided in the positive, that the young couple-to-be's hearts would be filled with love for this person they were to marry. It just didn't seem that the newly betrothed man and woman were even excited...

The 3rd couple were more liberal than I would wish to be--in the way they dressed and in being fine with going out on dates together and being alone down by the water-side in the dark, etc.... However, I really liked how the husband had prayed and prayed beforehand for direction in this area in his life. Also, the wife shared how God brought her to the realization (before marriage) that a husband would not fulfill everything she needed in life--that nobody but the Lord could fill the void she had in her heart!

Overall, I would recommend this film to others, as it was amazing to watch the different ways God brought the couples together--plus it can start great family discussions about your own beliefs and what basic pattern you all wish to follow in this area of life when you get to that point! I know everyone's story will be unique, as God is so creative, but it's good to have Biblical guidelines to go on....... The actual video quality was great and the songs were so lovely!

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Dilvin said...

Cora ,
Thanks for posting this.I did not know about this video.
We met Mr.Linvall in person three years ago.
He came to MI to visit. It was just a few months before his son got married. And He was telling us how the were doing a Betrothal. I thought it was very interesting. How the son passed a cup of wine to his bride to be...

Our Friends told us more details of the wedding after they came home from a visit to the Linvalls.
I like the How the Bridegroom went to get His Bride instead of the Father bringing her to the Bridegroom. That is what My Brother-in-Law did at
His wedding.
I like the Picture it portrays of The heavenly Bridegroom coming back to for His Bride!
I want to be ever ready. May we all be pure and spotless and undefiled for Him!

There's a wedding coming on the Son of man Christ is coming Back for His Bride.
She makes ready love is swelling in her heart and all of heaven rejoices at the sight!
Hallelujah! for the Lord our God the omnipotent doth reign! Let Us rejoice and be glad and give all the glory to Jesus,for the marriage of the lamb has come and His bride has made her self ready!

Abiding in His unfailing great Love,
~ Your sister Grace

Cora Beth said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Grace!!! I too really liked what the Linvalls did in having the groom come for his bride--something I'd never really thought about before. So often we just follow traditions without even questioning why we do them! That's neat that your brother-in-law and sister did it that way too.

One thing I would have appreciated more in the video was if they had talked with the young Linvall couple after the wedding also--like they did with the other 2 couples. How it was left in the movie, it seemed like they were just fulfilling a duty and not really happy about it. Hopefully that's not really how it was/is! :)

Yes~ Let's strive every day to be ready for our Heavenly Bridegroom when He comes!!!!! How wonderful that He loves us--even when we fail Him so often!!!!!!

On the journey with you,

Rachel said...

Yes, I felt somewhat the same way about the Linvall's. I was a little disappointed but at the same time, I think it was good as young people can fantasize and romanticize marriage and courtship/betrothal to much sometimes. ;) I didn't prefer some of the things the other couple did either, with the dates and all. But, each family is different in a courtship (which is what we call it).

I REALLY loved that this movie gave me a whole new idea of the entire process and an example of real people in the courtship to marriage process. I've read bunches of books, but still have never really "known" how to go about it all, etc. I realy needed to see these different couples and how they went through the process. :) It was a big help! :D

Sorry I haven't really been able to visit with you either, I've been busy this week (and last week). I always get really busy this time of year with holiday baking and I always make all my gifts. :) Sorry I still haven't replied back to your email yet. (Hey, I warned you in the beginning about that. Hehe!) ;) I'll try to get to it this week okay! ;D

Love and Hugs!