Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cattle on favorite animals list?

Thinking about poetry the other day made me decide to attempt coming up with something again, as I haven't tried poem-writing in a while... I know this poem doesn't flow like it should, but it's late and I need to post this before it's not true anymore--date wise and all--so here it is:

I'm rethinking something that I said the other night...
About how I liked cows so well--
At that time, they'd been behaving themselves alright,
But now, I've a new story to tell...

While busily going about my house duties yesterday,
Outside I heard quite a noise--
Cows bellering and mooing and carrying on
Like a dozen (or so) rowdy boys.
I threw a jacket 'round my shoulders
And hurried outdoors to have a look see,
What should I find but our whole colorful herd
Standing and staring right back at me...

The garden hose had been pulled out of their tank,
The water was running out on the ground.
The tank was dry, and so were the cows--
The only moistness was the mud all around.

Whichever mischievous bovine had done it,
(Pulling the hose clear of the tank, I mean,)
Had also bent the poor fence clear over
So the panels could hardly be seen.

I knew that I'd need some assistance
To re-make the fence good as new...
So I hurried inside to the telephone
And called in my brother (Andrew).

He'd been spreading "Fertilizer" out on the fields
For most of the afternoon...
When I called, he was quick to come in
And help me seal the cows' doom.....

They thought that their pen had expanded--
That they ruled the rest of the farm as well.
But, we quickly corrected their wrong thinking
With the help of a pitchfork and a yell!

I guarded the gap in the fence then,
While Andrew distracted the cows with some hay.
Next he went and fetched more panels and posts
So we could fix the mess before end of day...

He pounded in posts and we twisted some wires
And at last the fence looked more stable.
But did the cows learn their lesson--do you think?
Or would they break out again if they were able...???

We went in the house to warm up and to dine,
Then did all our barn chores at seven.
We had family prayer and headed for bed,
But then the phone rang at eleven!

"Hello" said the caller, named Andy.
"I'm sorry to be calling you now,
But there are about 300 critters in my corn field
And you need to get them out somehow!"

My parents and Andrew bundled up quick--
As I have a bad cold, they let me stay.
So while they dealt with the cows in the dark night,
I stayed up a while to pray...

I never did hear them come in though!
I guess I'd drifted to dreamland.
Mother informed me they were out past midnight
Playing the part of a cowhand...

The cows had broke down the electric fence
And were all the way down by the track...
(...the one that belongs to the railroad.)
They walked a good mile South--and then back.

So, here's a word of advice to my readers:
If you don't want to occasionally battle--
--With some of the heaviest, stubbornest animals,
Then don't buy yourself any cattle!


Dilvin said...

I liked this poem! I am laughing :)
Did you know it? you're a poet!
Great story! you should right a whole story book that is a poem! Have you ever read any of the children's story books by: Bill Peet?. They are some of our favorite books to check out at the library. My favorite ones are the stories told in poem form. Your poem reminded me of these books!
Have a good night and good morning!:)

Kimberly said...

Good Job! I thought it flowed well and it was interesting. What a great story that wasn't actually a "story" as it was true. Loved it!

Hannah said...

I think you did great on this poem Cora!
We one time had a couple people pull up to our house at 11:00pm and told us that one of our cows was out down at the main road and so my brother went out to get them. Another time both of our cows got out without us knowing (because their fence was behind our woods) and they ran all the way down to a pickle field that is near us! We found out when we put them back that they were out of water. Sometimes I think it is kind of fun when our animals get out because I like trying to get them back in...but, other times it is not so fun!
<3 Hannah

Miss Jen said...

Very nice indeed!!!!!

LOVE~ Miss Jen