Friday, November 27, 2009

A blessing in prayer~

by Charles F. Richardson

If when I kneel to pray,

With eager lips I say,

Lord, give me all the things that I desire--

Health, wealth, fame, friends, brave heart, religious fire,

The power to sway my fellow men at will,

And strength for mighty works to banish ill"--

~In such a prayer as this

~The blessing I must miss.

Or if I only dare

To raise this fainting prayer:

"Thou seest, Lord, that I am poor and weak,

And cannot tell what things I ought to seek;

I therefore do not ask at all, but still

I trust Thy bounty all my wants to fill"--

~My lips shall thus grow dumb,

~The blessing shall not come.

But if lowly fall,

And thus in faith I call:

"Through Christ, O Lord, I pray Thee give to me

Not what I would, but what seems best to Thee

Of life, of health, of service, and of strength,

Until to Thy full joy I come at length"--

~My prayer shall then avail;

~The blessing shall not fail.


Miss Jen said...

That is BEAUTIFUL~ dear Cora Beth!

Love~ Miss Jen

Dilvîn said...

What a beautiful poem Cora!
Thanks for shareing.

"Through Christ, O Lord, I pray Thee give to me
Not what I would, but what seems best to Thee"
Reasently my prayers to the Lord have been just that!
I want His wil in my life. It is somtimes hard because my will seems the best to me, but I know that His is even Better!

Anonymous said...

Dearer still, than others may know,

Is the poem of my daughter ill,

For thinking of others more than herself,

She shared the poem much better than pill.




Hannah said...

That is a lovely poem Cora! I am glad you shared it with us! Thank you.

I wanted to tell you something,
Today when Grace and I were in the library two cute little girls came in with their mother. The baby's name was Elena and the older of the two's name was Cora! I thought that was neat, because so far you are the only Cora I have met! Then just before they left, the mother said, "come Cora Beth, it is time to go"! I just had to tell you! :)

Cora Beth said...

Thank you everyone for your sharing your kind thoughts!!!

That is SOOOOO neat! Thanks for sharing--it put a big smile on my face. :) So far, I've only come across 2 other "Cora's" in my lifetime--I don't know what their middle names are unfortunately. That is just so amazing...!!!