Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting excited~

In 3 days, I'm leaving for Montana to attend (and to be in) James & Amanda's wedding! The time sure is flying by quickly! In a little of the free time I had this afternoon, I worked on packing some things I'll need on my journey... I can hardly wait for Friday to come.

Of course, I'm looking forward to Thursday too, as that is Jacob's 14th birthday. :) Mom and I gave the guys hair-cuts tonight so that they will look nice for their birthday pictures... Mother also trimmed my hair and I returned the favor. I wonder how much money we save in a year by cutting our own hair?

This afternoon, the guys got one of the combines out; went down to the sunflower field; and combined enough to get a sample. Then Dad took the sample down to the Kintyre elevator to see how high the moisture content was. It was 14 percent yet and it needs to be down to 10, so they weren't able to do any more combining. Hopefully tomorrow it will dry out quickly and they can get going... We're thanking God for this warmer weather, for everyones sake, but especially for the farmers, as there still are a lot of crops needing to be harvested around here!

Well, it's family-prayer time once again, so I need to get off of here and make my way to the living room. Sleep well everyone~


Dilvin said...

Just three more days! Oh how fun that must be!
Sleep well and safe traveling

Rachel said...

Oh, how exciting! I'll be praying for safe travels and for the wedding and all! Don't forget your Cowgirl hat! ;D Lol!

I'll be praying that you all around there can harvest the rest before it rains again! :)

Love and Hugs!
Have fun at the wedding!

Miss Jen said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time!!!

Love~ Jen