Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prayer request for Grandpa.......

We learned today that my grandpa Delzer will be needing surgery again--probably on Monday. He had this same surgery done just a few months ago to remove a stone (from his gall-bladder, I'm pretty sure) and now he has to have it done again. The doctor said that they have to find what's causing this now because he doesn't think Grandpa could pull through this another time after this. Please be in prayer for things to go well and for wisdom for the whole family as we ponder what to do with Grandpa if he's not able to care for himself properly in the future. He'll be turning 80 years old on Dec. 1st, so he's not exactly a young man anymore..... Especially, please pray for a change of heart for Grandpa--that he will want to have a real relationship with the Lord and with his family!

As long as I'm asking for prayer, I thought I'd mention that we're working our calves tomorrow, so prayers for safety would be greatly appreciated. My dad's cousin, Jerome will be helping us again this year, so that's a big blessing!

Now, I'd best get some rest, as our busy day will require lots of energy on everybodys' part!


Miss Jen said...

I just sent up a prayer!!


Love & Blessings in Christ~ Miss Jen

Dilvin said...

I'll be praying for your Grandpa Cora,

And ...
I awarded you on my blog! go check it out!

I never got to doing the honest award but I ended up using the answers for this one!

You all are in my prayers