Friday, November 20, 2009

How does time........

............slip away? It seems like only a couple hours ago that I was sitting here (last night), typing my daily post, and now it's tonight--and it's getting late again!

Perhaps part of the reason that today seemed to pass so quickly was that it was quite similar to yesterday... After morning chores were over, I drove the 12 (or so) miles to the daycare lady's house and helped her until 5:30. She actually left with her husband around 3:00, so I had 10 little people in my care for a while, until the parents came to pick them up. There is one little boy who's difficult to handle, as he doesn't want to listen to instruction, but there's one little girl who has gained a special place in my heart--who makes the time there much more pleasant! Her name is Jaida (she's 3, I think) and, when she put her chin in her hands--her elbows being on my lap--and looked up at me with her sweet smile during story time, well, that was just the sweetest moment of my day. :)


Miss Jen said...

Awww~ how precious!!! :)
It is amazing how the Lord
gifts us with each minute to
savor and glorify Him!

Love~ Miss Jen

Hannah said...

Oh sounds like you had a wonderfully sweet time with them!
Little Jaida sounds like she would be so enjoyable to be with...

Dilvin said...

I love little ones too! glad you had an enjoyable time!