Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~What a wonderful wedding~

Hooray! I'm back home again... I returned this morning, just in time to help finish the morning chores. (When I dropped a calf bottle, my brothers teased me about how I'd forgotten to do chores already!)

I had a wonderful; lovely; invigorating; great; fantastic time at the wedding (and on the way to Montana and back again) and can hardly wait to share some of the 501 pictures I just put on my computer!!! I'll tell you much more in the days ahead, but for now I need to get settled in. :)

Here's one picture (obviously not one of our more serious poses) to start with... :)

Left to right: myself; the lovely bride, Amanda; her happy husband, James and the Best Man, Ethan Wiechmann (my dear friend, Dorena's brother.)


Rachel said...

Yeah! So happy your back! I've missed you dear friend! :) Wow! You certainly did take a lot of pictures! Hehe! ;) I can't wait to see some more! This one is so sweet and funny at the same time! :) I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and all went well! :)

Love and Hugs!

Hannah said...

Looking forward to more pics!
Glad to hear you got back safely!

Miss Jen said...

LOVELY!! : )
What a delightful wedding.
How old was your friend (the bride)?

Love~ Jen

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your comments, ladies! Although I so very much enjoyed my vacation, it is so good to be back home again too. :)

Amanda (the bride) is 18 and so is her husband, James. They've pretty much grown up together, so have been friends for years!