Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cake pictures (of when it was still all in one piece...) and the first 2 days in review...

This will be a very picture-full post, (and not a lot of writing I'm afraid as it's late and I have some sleep to try to catch up on. :)

This is the cake I made for the cake auction:

Unfortunately, somewhere along our 8-hour journey, the middle part of the cake slid onto the brim--breaking the band and smushing the writing, so it didn't look as nice as I'd hoped it would. A friendly lady named Jackie told me that it was very delicious though, (and that she went back for a second piece!) so that was comforting.
Last Thursday, after helping with evening chores and after my family helped me load the van and we said our goodbyes, I headed for the Dagleys' home. I had a Dr. Davis tape along to listen to, so I had something to occupy my thoughts with most of the way there. I think it was about 10:30 when I pulled into the Dagley's driveway. Amanda and Hannah Stover helped me transfer my things to the Dagley's car that we'd be riding in early the next morning. Once we got in the house, "Uncle" Mike volunteered to take this picture of we three friends...

Left to right: Hannah, Amanda & I--members of the newly founded purple-shirt society of ND. :)
We got up around 5:00AM the next morning to pack last minute things; eat a tasty breakfast and to head for Montana. Here's a picture that I took as we were about ready to leave...
It was absolutely amazing to me to watch how the scenery changed so tremendously within only a few hours time!!! Coming from a rather flat, grassy part of the country, these hills looked like mountains to me. :) There were Evergreen trees all over the place; Yucca plants growing on hillsides; Antelope roaming around in small groups; and many huge, impressive masses of rock. I think I only counted 3 fields in Montana. :)
Around 3:00PM, we finally arrived in Lewistown and met up with James at a gas station. Of course, Amanda joined him and Charis for the rest of our journey (only a matter of a few miles) to camp Lewtana.

Once we arrived at the camp, everyone explored the premises and we ladies started familiarizing ourselves with the kitchen set-up, (a very nice one with 4 sinks--or was it 5?--to wash dishes!)
This picture is of the area where the wedding ceremony took place:
Isn't the camp setting lovely?
A medium-sized cabin....
After looking over several cabins, the girls decided on which one would be the girls' cabin: #5. The night of the wedding, we had several girls sleeping in there (probably about 15) and some were even sleeping on the floor. There were heaters in all of the cabins, so we were all nice and cozy--when we finally decided to go to bed!
Once back in doors, Hannah and Charis had fun playing a duet together. It sounded really nice and I have a video of it, but as I don't have the movies on my computer yet, pictures will have to suffice for now. :)
When everything was unpacked and put at least in close proximity of where it should go, Hannah, Charis and I decided to go outside for a walk in the trees. We tried going a couple different ways, but were cut off by fences. Then we headed up another hill towards something that looked like a picnic shelter, only to find a nice--shooting range! In the shelter, there was even a piece of carpet rolled up that I assume was to be used for shooters to lie on when target shooting. I just had to get a picture... When we were almost done with our explore, Mr. & Mrs. Balyeat pulled in...
Here is Charity Balyeat on one of the seats of the tables. We had fun (literally) taking down, and later, folding up these tables, as we girls had not had any previous experiences with this kind of table...
Later in the evening, the Dagleys' married children showed up with their vehicles full of children and food. Here Charis is playing with little Hadassah...
After all the excitement of the day, it was nice to pile onto the couch for a little rest!
Meet: Hannah, MaryAnna, Charity, Amanda, Charis, Myself and Rose~
To be continued.....................


Kimberly said...

It looks like fun! And the scenery is beautiful.

Miss Jen said...

LOVE the cake!!!!! :)

Dilvin said...

Dear Cora,
What a nice time you had!
Great cake! I like the last picture of all of all the girls on the couch.

On you sidebar it is still not keeping up with my latest post.I found out why:
A week ago I tried changing my blog address and for some reason that messed up blog updates on both yours and Hannah's blogs.

So I think the way to fix things, you could take me off you sidebar and put me right back on.
Does any of this make sense? I hope it does!:)
Sorry for the mess:)

Glad to have you back!
Your Friend

Cora Beth said...

I enjoy being back too. :)

I tried taking your blog listing off my sidebar; saving it that way; and then putting you back on, but it still says that you posted a week ago. Hmmmm.... I'll try to have Andrew look into it soon, although he and Dad are busy with sunflower harvest now that it's finally dried out.

Blessings on your day (and I'll be getting back to comment-leaving once I'm finished posting several of my 500 pictures!)

Your friend,

Dilvin said...

Cora it's working!

Cora Beth said...

Great--so it is! Thanks for pointing that out. It must just have taken a few minutes to refresh or something?

Cora Beth said...

(I'm working on a long picture post as I'm making lunch...) :)

Hannah said...

I can tell you all had such a fun and pleasant time!
To be continued?...Oh I can't wait!
Oh yes, Your cake looks very nice too!

Rachel said...

Hey! I'm FINALLY able to have some time to look at your posts! HeHe! :D I am so glad you had a good time! It looks like fun! :)

Aw, that's a shame about your cake. :P I hate when that happens to mine. That's no fun at all. But it looks gorgeous! I have never tried a shaped cake like that before. *Applause* to you dear! :D It looks gorgeous! And I'm sure your cake couldn't taste horrible, no matter how bad it may look! ;) HeHe! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it! :)

The campground looks so pleasant! Wow! 15 girls in one cabin, hmm, sounds like fun! ;D I know what you mean about the "mountains". It's somewhat flat here too. We have a large hill, but it's not that high. That's the only one around here. ;) When my mom and Jessica and I went to NY with family for my cousins wedding a few years ago, we just LOVED seeing the hills and mountains we went through! :D God's creation is so amazing isn't it?! :D

Thank you for sharing all the pictures! :)

Love and Hugs and Blessings!

*~Virginia~* said...

wow, your cake is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!;-D