Friday, October 23, 2009

Last nights post~

Tonight, the power went out shortly before prayer time and whenever that happens, Andrew has to reset something so that the Internet works. I guess he didn't think about it though and I didn't think to remind him until now, but he's already in bed and I don't want to wake him, so this will have to wait 'til morning to get posted!

Mother and I had another nice time together shopping this afternoon... There is always a large community rummage sale held at the Napoleon Catholic church this time of year and Mom and I decided to attend it. We came home with 4 large black garbage bags full of clothes--things for everyone in our family. Mom also bought a roaster pan, as the one we have now that's that size has sprung a leak! Everything there (except the belts and socks which were 5 cents each) was a quarter, so our total bill was $27 something or other. :)

Once we got home, we started up the washing machine and then Mother taught Jacob some math and I made another batch of tomato soup. We are finally nearing the end of our tomato crop and are down to orange and green ones, so now it's time to focus on the apples...

Around 5:00, our neighbor called and said that our cows were out, so Dad and Andrew went up to get them back in again. Apparently, the electric fencer wasn't zapping very well, so they worked on it for quite a while. Hopefully the cows will respect it now! We'll be bringing the cattle home from pasture soon, but until then, they should stay put. (But tell that to a cow!)

Oh, one more thing I was going to tell you about today is that I ordered a cowgirl hat! I waited until we got home from the rummage sale, as I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be one there (which there wasn't), and then I showed the hat to my mom and placed the order. I don't know a lot about cowgirl/boy hats, but I do know that I like this one a lot better than any of the cheep plastic "Straw" ones we saw yesterday. :) I'm so grateful that I found this one, as it's a brand new, lined felt hat and the total price (with shipping) is $3 less than the already stated plastic one was! (As you may be curious about how much I spent, I'll just let you know that the plastic one was $30 at 50 percent off!) My dad had a good idea too... He said, after the wedding, I can try to sell the hat if I don't ever plan on wearing it again, so we'll see what happens. It does seem a little extravagant to spend so much on a hat when you can spend the same amount and get 4 large bags of very nice clothing! :)


Hannah said...

great finds at the sale!
Glad you found the hat:)!
Our cows do the same thing!
They seem to never learn! Our jersey is the best at staying in the fence, but our jersey/angus cows are wild and get out when ever they feel like it!

have good day

Jennifer said...

First time to your blog and I enjoyed reading it! I love rummage sales!! You can get the best deals there!! God bless and have a wonderful day!!

Cora Beth said...

Thanks for your comments, Grace and Jennifer! It's always great to hear from friends~

Dilvin said...

Oh I love resaling and garage saling! Just today at goodwill I got a pretty green/tan skirt and a tan shirt to match!
I'm glad you found a cowgirl hat...can't wait to see a picture of it (but i will!)
Good-night. I'm tired as you can more than likely see in all my miss-spelled words. Ha!

Dilvin said...

sorry for name mix ups today!
just forgot to sign each other out !!!!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha Ha he He!!!!
Your friends
Grace & Hannah

Cora Beth said...

You girls are going to have me all confused pretty soon--what with switching names on me and all! :)