Friday, October 16, 2009

A kitty cake; a new skirt; less calves; happy news...and a rough day.

Here are the results of my kitty cake experiment...

This kitty is looking down on---

---this kitty, while neither of them realize that---

--there's a little mouse close by, peeking out of his hole!

Here's the happy-birthday girl, Sophia! I think by the time that she and her mom left our place, Sophie had figured out who would get which cat... and who would get to eat the mouse...and the ball of yarn............ :)

I was very excited to receive my new skirt in the mail today!!! It's just as pretty as it looked in the photo on-line and it fits well too. If you're interested in buying a skirt ever, I'd highly recommend you check out: They have fast and friendly service and their skirts are all so lovely and modest.
The guys sorted off and loaded up most of our yearling steer calves after lunch when the trucker arrived. They had to set up a makeshift loading area, as the place we usually load out of was very muddy and the trucker would have had to back up the hill to get to it (which wouldn't have worked!) Thankfully, all went well and nobody got stuck.
My life-time friend (you may remember that Mother and I attended her wedding a few months ago) wrote to me today and shared the happy news that they're expecting! :) She's 5 weeks along, and so far everything's going well. I wish they lived closer...
Outside of those happy things, this was a hard day for me as I wasn't feeling well and was just glad to get the cake finished and chop some vegetables up for the guys' supper. So, I really need to lie down again...
God bless and goodnight~


Hannah said...

What a cute cake! Sophia looks like she likes it!
That skirt is just lovely! I'll have to check out the site...
Sleep well Cora!

Rachel said...

Wow! Your cake looks fantastic! You'll have to tell me how you did those cute cats! ;) (when you're feeling better that is). The cake turned out great! Haha! Aww, that's so cute! She sounds just like my brother Christopher. ;)

congratulations to them! That's so exciting! :D How special! :)

Aww, sorry you aren't feeling well dear. I hope you are feeling better today! :) HUGS!!!!


Dilvin said...

Dear Cora,
What a nice cake! you did a great job!
That skirt is so beautiful!
I hope you feel better Cora.
With love,
you friend Grace

Kimberly said...

I love the cake! You do such a great job. And your skirt is lovely. Hope you will be feeling better soon. We all here except Brandon have colds so are home from church. Sabbath Blessings!