Thursday, March 3, 2011

And tomorrow we're off!

There's been a change of plans and now my dad is going to be staying home tomorrow to load up the two semis that are coming to get our organic corn....... That means that he'll miss some of the home school convention, and perhaps all of it, as he offered to just stay home so the rest of us can just stay in Jamestown at our friends, the Saylers' house...... That also means that I'll be driving tomorrow and, as I haven't driven much in bigger towns than Linton, Napoleon, Steele and Hazelton, prayers would be appreciated that I could find the civic center alright. :) Thankfully, Jacob will be along to help me look for it!

That being said, with the change of plans, I'll have some food to make and extra clothes to pack in the morning, so I'd best get to bed..... I won't be posting tomorrow night, but will try to get some pictures to share when I return. I can hardly wait to get to the convention!!!! It is one of the biggest highlights of our year. :)

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