Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will it work? That is the question!

We're trying to spike one of the twin calves onto a cow that had a dead calf today. Will it work? We're sure hoping so! Andrew and I pinned the twin calf to the ground while Dad rubbed the dead calf over the top of the live one, hopefully getting the live one to smell like the mothers' calf. We also sprinkled "Oh-No-Mo" on the calf, which has helped in times past with getting a mother to accept another cows' baby. When we put the calf in the barn with the cow, the mama mooed at it and sniffed it, so we're hopeful that they'll take a liking to each other! I'll let you know what the morning brings... I babysat for most of the day and was happy to find out that Amelia (3) is a good dishwasher. :) She actually got the dishes clean, although it took a good deal longer than it would have taken me to do it, but that allowed time for me to wash off the table, stove and counter. Of course, by the time dishes were done, there were 2 little boys who also had their hands in the dishwater, splashing bubbles around to their hearts content. :) Mom and Jacob went to Bismarck today, after placing the Azure order and packing a lunch. They drove my van as they needed to get the 3 bookcases Mom found/bought (for her office library) on BisManOnline inside a vehicle, and they thought my van would work best for that purpose. While in town, they also stopped at the animal store and bought me some more fish, now bringing my grand total to 18. Andrew's going to, hopefully, start grain cleaning with his rig tomorrow at our neighbors' place. If you think of him, please pray that all goes well as he gets the bugs worked out and as he gets everything set again the way it's supposed to be. I think Dad's going to go over and help him start up..... Let the BUSY season begin! We separated milk/cream again tonight, so ice cream is on the menu tomorrow night. Want to come join us for a sampling? :)

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Tamera said...

Did you get your momma cow to take the calf?