Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A wonderful birthday surprise!

My mom had a great early-birthday surprise for me today..... Around 3:30 this afternoon, 2 vehicles pulled in our yard, the 1 being the BekTel guy (he wasn't the surprise, as he'd come to answer some of Andrew's Internet concerns) and the other being: A LADY FROM WISHEK WHO TUNES PIANOS!!! She spent over an hour tuning mine and now it sounds sooooo much better! :) She also tuned Mom's piano while she was here, so we can now enjoy playing music the way it was meant to be played!
"Thanks so much Mother for your very thoughtful gift! I'm sure we all will enjoy the benefits." :)

I did make it to Linton today also and made my loan payment. Then I headed to Napoleon to put my calf check in the bank (it had to be endorsed by FSA before I could do so), and then spent some of my money at Nita's Attic, our local thrift store. :)

This afternoon and evening was spent in getting books priced and boxed up to take to the used book sale at the home school convention tomorrow. Mom and Andrew plan to leave after lunch sometime, and the rest of us will head over that way on Friday. I have to work tomorrow; Dad has a bunch of hay to haul home again; and Jacob's going to milk Sally, so that's why it's just Mom and Andrew going--Mom to sell her books and Andrew to practice the 2 choir songs the young home schooled children and adults are going to be singing.......

That all being said, I'd best get some sleep as there's much to be done tomorrow morning to get the travelers on the road. Also, there's the bread that needs baking; clothes that need ironing and packing; the Azure order that needs placing; the piano-top that needs rearranging; the birthday gift for a friend that needs wrapping; etc... before heading for work in town!


Rachel Beth said...

What a nice early birthday present, Cora. (And a good idea of your Mom!) My piano badly needs tuning at the moment so I can imagine how pleased you are to have yours sounding "just right". :)

You have a busy time coming up (as usual), enjoy it all! :)
God bless and lots of love,

Dawn Bornemann said...

You are soooooooooo welcome, Cora. I want you to enjoy your piano for many years to come.
Thanks for all that you're doing to help me get ready. As usual, you are indespensable.

Miss Jen said...

What a blessing!
It's a joy to visit you!!

Love~ Miss Jen