Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's amazing what God made the human body capable of!

Yesterday found my family and I attending a rather unusual event, for us to be at, that is... We went to the . :) We've always talked about going when it was in Bismarck, but just never have, but this year, we finally went! My mom was the only one of us who had ever been to a circus before, and she went when she was pretty young, so we were all amazed.

It was neat to see the abilities of the human performers, no doubt, but the highlight of the afternoon for me was when the animals were in the spotlight, especially the 3 elephants! Watching their choreography was just thrilling and then seeing the best trained elephant stepping off of a platform onto a big round ball with all 4 feet, and balancing there for a minute before stepping off the other side onto a platform again (all the while, having a lady on his back) was the greatest part of the day, in my opinion. :) It was pretty cute too when they exited, the back 2 each wrapping their trunk around the tail of the elephant in front of them to form one long line of elephant!

The boys really liked the cannon that shot out the human into a net many feet away... The tightrope walker was a general favorite, as well as the clown's balloon act...... And then there were the white Bengal tigers, jumping through the fire ring.... And the quick-change act...... It was a lot of fun! Oh yes, and before the circus started, Dad took us all out to eat at the "Golden Corral" as an added treat! It was a great day!

Today was spent in many different ways: school work; book reading; cooking; the guys worked on the semi; I started some bread using Sarah's recipe and also planted some sweet potatoes, as this site suggested; doing dishes; etc.....

Oh yes, I have a praise to share! My dad's eye is feeling much better today and he wasn't even squinting during supper. :) I think it's so amazing how God made the body capable of healing itself!

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