Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Less calves, same number of cows...

Weeeeeeeeeelllllll, my dad took the last 2 Holstein steers to Mandan this morning and then spent the afternoon at the sale, looking for some quality cows to buy at not such an outrageous price, but alas, the price is very high right now, so he came home empty trailered. The good part is that we got a good price (for Holsteins) for our calves....

Andrew and Jacob spent most of the day working on sand-blasting the drum of Andrew's grain cleaner. They said that it's working well, but they still have a ways to go before Andrew takes the machine back tomorrow afternoon.

I worked the shorter shift at the nursing home this afternoon/evening, so was home in time for family prayer tonight. :)

I have a fun morning planned, so I'd best some rest now. Sweet dreams!

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