Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back home and gone again...

Well, due to the kind of roads you can see on the map at Mrs. Bartlett's blog (HERE), I stayed in town last night at the house of one of my coworker/friends. I ventured home around 11:00AM today and made it home just in time for lunch (I had to go 25-30 MPH, as the roads were icy!)

I spent the rest of the day helping around the house and getting ready to go again tomorrow to visit and help our friends, the K. family, who had their baby girl a few weeks ago. I haven't seen the baby yet, so I am really excited about going---Lord willing that the roads are safe and all.......

But, as I want to get an early start tomorrow and it's already late tonight, I'd best post this a be off. If I go to Hull tomorrow, you won't be hearing from me tomorrow night, as I'll be spending the night there.

So, good night all! Stay warm and drive safe during these blustery days of Spring in ND.

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