Friday, March 18, 2011

Let the calving season begin!

It was a bright, beautiful day for a black bull calf to be born on. My brother was busy when Dad broke the news to him, but he soon saw his baby bovine, partaking of its mothers' milk----after being tagged with a bright yellow tag. Bring on the babies!

My brothers assembled the contents of a box that arrived for "Cora B Bornemann", and when they were done, Jacob banged the drywall plastic pieces into my bedroom wall so as to be able to screw in the shelves I'd bought. I wanted a place to set my belongings so they'd be out of the way, and shelves seemed to be the best solution. I'll try to post some photos before too long......

By and by, we got the house back to an orderly state, just in time for a delicious supper at the end of a busy week.

May your weekend be blessed~


Heather said...

That must be exciting when calving starts! What breed is he?

Cora Beth said...

Yes indeed, it is exciting! He is Angus. :)