Friday, March 25, 2011

Helping out--and a prayer request...

Before I write about my time with our friends, I would like to ask for prayer for my dad, as he got poked in the eye with some wire while working on the grain cleaner today and his eye is, obviously, hurting tonight. I hope it's not real serious, but it is definitely uncomfortable and Dad's eye is watering a lot, so please pray for that to heal quickly! Thank you so much.

The weather was mostly decent yesterday morning at 7:30AM, so I ventured out on the road, driving the 60+ miles to the K. family's home. The following day and a half found me busy, helping Lane and Sarah (mostly Sarah, I should say) and their young children with different projects that needed doing around the house...

You see, not so long ago (3+ weeks it is now,) the K. family received a sweet, new bundle of joy, but with that bundle came some sleepless nights, and with those sleepless nights came some tired parents, and when a person's tired, it's hard to get all the things done that need doing...... And so the story goes.

~Sarah and baby Arianwyn~

With Spring coming on, there are always many things to do! These 3 were great helpers in the kitchen, plus they helped me shovel away snow that was in the way and then set up Sarah's greenhouse in the back yard. Oh yes, they also were very eager to help with filling peat-pots with potting soil and then picking and planting their own special flowers. Sarah also planted some vegetables and I planted a tray full of Impatiens for her...

~Ila, James and Edmund, building a large train-track~
In between meals and washing dishes, Sarah and I made bread and buns; dough for pizza crusts; beef enchiladas to put in the freezer (first, we made stock to use in the sauce for the enchiladas, and shredded a bunch of cheese...); banana bread; and apricot bars. Oh yes, and Sarah made some sour cream too! I learned several cooking tips and tricks from Sarah, and want to try her bread recipe here soon to see how my family likes it.

Last night after supper, Lane read a story to the children and then read some in Proverbs. I got to hold the baby for a while and relax while Lane and Sarah tucked the other children in bed. When they returned, we played a fun word game (it's called Quiddler) that Lane had just bought that day when he was in town. We had fun thinking up possible words and then looking through dictionaries... :) How many of you have played "Quiddler" and did you enjoy it?

Before crawling into the K's guest-bed last night, I called my family to say goodnight (even though it was late....) and learned then that I had had my first calf of the year that day. :)

After our noon meal today, Lane and I headed for the music room for a lesson in piano and voice, he being the teacher, and I the student... It's been a long time since I've taken lessons from Lane, probably 5 or 6 years have passed, so it was hard to know where to pick up at, but he gave me some new pieces to work on for next time, whenever that works out to be... Then he played some of his favorite songs that he's been working on or writing-----very hard songs, ones that I only dream of ever being able to play. He certainly is very talented in that area! Sadly, he's the only K. I didn't get a picture of, as I only thought to dig out my camera way at the end of my time there, when Sarah said she was going to get out hers... By that time, Lane was back at the church, studying and preparing his next sermon I imagine.

Sarah did snap this picture of me holding their sweet baby girl. She is wearing the jumper that I sewed and gave to her as my baby gift... :) (You may remember seeing pictures of this little dress when I made it a while back.)

After saying goodbye to one and all, I headed for the Linton grocery store to get some supplies, and then I high-tailed it home. Once I got all of my things in the house and took my snow boots off, I made tortilla shells and helped assemble Chicken Enchiladas for supper and made some quick dessert. Mom and Jacob did some major rearranging of the bookcases today, so the living room looks much more organized tonight.
Work is so rewarding, isn't it? Of course, it is always nice to be at the end of a busy week and to just rest from your labors too. ;)

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