Sunday, October 10, 2010

30 years ago this day... parents were wed!

(My mom was my age in this picture. :) )

"Happy anniversary, Dad and Mom!!!"

~Like a rugged lighthouse on the rocks
Withstanding stormy weather,
Your love has shone throughout the years--
Stronger now than ever....

author unknown

Keep on keeping on! Love you lots...


Well, they made it, safe and sound! Praise the Lord... They're tired, and they got a little lost once, but they're getting settled in their hotel and are eating cheesecake and smelling lovely flowers that they bought each other. :)

I have a few pictures to share from today, the first two I took this morning at 3:15 or so...

"Check in" luggage...

"Carry-on" luggage... (They got compliments from a stewardess onboard on their really nice, antique suitcases and were told they are very valuable! Interesting!!!)

Meanwhile at home, the boys made progress on the building and now have the North joists all up and worked on putting more of the South side ones up as well...

Then, to celebrate our parent's anniversary :), we roasted all-beef hot dogs over a campfire for supper (can you see them in this picture?), and ate home-made ice cream for a late-evening dessert!
Yummy! Fresh baked bread, hot dogs with condiments and freshly baked cookies...

After the evening milking was done, the boys and I watched a movie for a while until Dad and Mom got connected to the internet and then we talked to them (literally) over the computer for about half an hour! Here, Mother was showing us the cheesecake they bought. Doesn't it look simply scrumptious?
ANDDDDD, here's a picture that I took of the lovebirds in San Bruno, California. :) (...That's the boys and I in that small window on the right side of the computer screen...)

I could write more about what they've told us, (and post videos of it too!) but I should probably get to bed and leave some things for Mother to post about on her blog as she has time!
Tomorrow, it's off to the ocean for them......
"They're going on a whale hunt. They hope to see a big one!"


Rachel Beth said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your parents!
Rachel & Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hey Cora,

What a great job you did putting that book together. We had lots of fun finding out the plans you children have put together for this week. Mom already plans to place the"book" in her most precious memoirs. Going to eat continential breakfast now so we can get going on the ocean cruise. Love dad

Cora Beth said...

OH Dad! I hope you have a tremendous time today... :)
(Also hope the breakfast is to your liking!)
Remember your binoculars today. :)
Love you,

Rachel said...

Oh my...Cora, our family's have so many similarities! :D We totally have a matching suitcase to that small green one (ours is blue). ;) Lol! Also, my mom practically has the same haircut as your mom in that old photo! ;) HeHe! I'll have to send you a picture of my parents wedding photo so you can see. They could be sisters! ;) HeHe!

I'm glad you can chat with your parents like that and see them...that's nice! :D What a wonder technology is sometimes! ;)

I'm glad they are having fun! :) Hope you all do at home too! :D

Love and Hugs!
Have a good day!