Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It feels so good to be home!!!

I had "Fun" driving to work and back today... As it snowed approx. 5 inches over night and there was a strong wind, there was some snow stuck on the road in places and tonight there were some icy patches coming home, so I just took it real slow and made sure my cell phone was handy. :) The most interesting part though was finding a place to park at the nursing home, as the place I usually park in had a 4 foot snowbank in the middle of it and I didn't want to take the chance of plowing through the snowbanks around the back side of the building, so I finally found a route down a street from the nursing home, around, and plowed up the other side--and found a nice parking spot right in front by the main entrance! (The song, "God will take care of you, through every day, o'er all the way.....," kept running through my head while I was driving.) Needless to say, there weren't many visitors at the nursing home today!

As it was cold and snowy this morning, Jacob and I decided it was time to move my 10 not-so-little chicks into the barn for the Winter. (They were still in the stock-tank ring where they could eat grass, as long as there was grass to eat...) When we let them out, it was amazing to see how much they've grown, and yet how much they still have to grow when compared to the 6 others that I raised in the first batch! :)

My dad decided not to go trucking today, so instead, he started designing a logo for our farm, "Seeds of Honor". I'm not sure how far he got with it, as I had to leave and almost everyone was in bed already when I got home....

And that----was my day.

"God will take care of yoooouuuuuu, God will take care of you."


Tamera said...

I'm so glad you made it home safely. Liv and I were supposed to go to Bismarck on Tuesday, and Dana didn't want us to go and I had to postpone my Quilting class yesterday.

Hopefully, the roads will be okay today as I have an appointment in Bismarck.

Anonymous said...

Love that song. :)