Monday, October 11, 2010

Hooray and hooray!

I just got back from working in town and see that my brother, Andrew has posted, so I have decided to direct you to his blog for an update on things around here (that's one hooray). Then I saw that my mom has posted about their flight and their first day in San Bruno, (that's the second hooray!) and you can read that here. They weren't able to go on the whale-seeing tour today, as there was a bad storm that came up, but they did find many other interesting things to do--things of which I will let Mother tell you about as she has time, as she has the pictures. :)

And next on the agenda for the day: Get some sleep! Hooray (for the third time...)

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Anonymous said...

I also just finished working in town... I've already got in 35 hours of work in since Sunday morning, so I can definitely appreciate your need for sleep.
Yay for your parents- so sweet of you children to do that for them!
Sweet dreams, Cora