Saturday, October 23, 2010

An unexpected phone call...

We all had a surprise last night and, as a result, I got to celebrate the evening of my 700th post with a friend---meaning we had a sleepover party. :) I had just finished up my post last night and was checking a couple friends' blogs when the phone rang. My parents answered it and soon my mom came to my room and said that I was getting company!

"Company--at this time of night?" I thought.

Welllllll, RubyAnn S. was on her way home for the weekend from college and was nearing Linton when her car started making dreadful noises. :( She limped into town and made it to a gas station, where a couple of mechanics "happened" to stop and give her their opinion on the car, saying that it was definitely not a good idea to drive it any farther. Sooooo, what was she to do?

Thankfully, she thought of us and called my dad, who said we'd pick her up wherever she was. As the mechanics were kind of headed our way, she rode with them a little ways and we met at a farm about 15 miles South of our place and picked up RubyAnn.

What fun to have a sister to talk with for an hour (or so...) before drifting off to sleep!
(I couldn't decide which of these pictures to post, as the top one is clearer but the bottom one we look more happy in, so I decided to share them both. :) )
Then this morning, we detained our friend as long as possible, as she'd never been to our farm before and of course we had to show her everything, and look at pictures, and pet the animals, and swing on the big swing-set, and share favorite piano pieces, and etc....

Then around 10:30, RubyAnn, Andrew and I headed for Linton to see if her car had cooled off enough to run properly. It hadn't! When Andrew turned the motor over, it made an awful squealing, clunking noise and it was decided then that RubyAnn had best call her brothers to come get her (and the dead car) home!

As it was going to be a while until the said brothers could get to Linton, we 3 sat in the van and watched "The Widows' Might" on Andrew's I-pod, as RubyAnn had been wanting to see that movie for a while. :)
Shortly after finishing the movie, RubyAnns' brothers arrived with a trailer to take the car home with. After the car was loaded, Matthew asked where the gun shop was in town, as his younger brother, Ben wanted to get a scope for his rifle. So, instead of trying to give directions, everyone just hopped in the van and we all went to the gun shop for a while. After the scope was purchased, and the friends were delivered back to the gas station, and the goodbyes were all said, Andrew and I headed home for our late lunch...
What adventures you can have with old vehicles, right RubyAnn? :) We were so glad you came and stayed with us and hope it doesn't take another car chugging experience in order for you to come visit again!


Rachel said...

Well, I'm sorry your friend had such car troubles..but how happy that you were both able to spend so much time together! :D (Hmm, maybe I should have our car break down so I can come spend some time with you too! Think that would work?). ;) HeHe!

We've had tons of "adventures" and also some "misadventures" in our vehicles too. Cars can be so finicky. :P ;) Our old vans always would break down at the most inconvenient times and a lot of times while it was pouring down rain and with all 6 of us in the vehicle! :P But, it DOES give one many interesting stories to tell. ;) Lol!

Love and Hugs my dear! So glad you were cheered up by your friends visit! :D Glad you had so much fun with her! :)

Have a blessed day!

Rachel said...

BTW, I hope I get that same friendly treatment "when" I get to come visit you. ;) I want to be shown everything too and have a nice long chat before bed (unless we of course already had a couple of those before bed). :) <3 HeHe! You'll get the same here too if you come visit US! :D <3

Love ya! :D

Daniel and Rachel said...

Hi, I saw your comment on my aunt and uncle's blog (Green Pastures Farm) and started looking at your blog...when I saw this post I was surprised! I know the Steigelmeier family too! Do you know the Cutler family as well? Their daughter Michelle and I are married to two of the Haugaard brothers here in SD, so she's my sister-in-law. My husband and his brothers also farm organically, so I'm enjoying reading the blog of someone else who understands that...


Cora Beth said...

Rachel P.~
Of course you'll get the best tour available when you come to visit us, dear friend! :) ...and you shall have the sparest of spare rooms--which, as our house is small, shall of course be my room!

Rachel H.~
Thank you for commenting! How neat to meet friends of friends. :) We've known the Steigelmeiers for many years, and have been at several of their graduations and were at Ben and Ruths' wedding so many years ago. We've heard many good things about the Cutler family from our friends the Wiechmanns and the Geigers, but haven't really met them, outside of a quick introduction I had to one of their girls at a home school convention a couple years ago. What a small world it seems to be, once you get to know people. :)
You're organic farmers too? How wonderful! Do your menfolk attend the NPSAS conventions ever? Farming organically does have its challenges, but it is so good to know you can feel good about the end result of your labors...
Thanks again for commenting! I've already enjoyed what I've seen of your blog--especially the pictures of your adorable little girl.
Blessings to both Rachels~

Daniel and Rachel said...

Okay, my husband knows the Weichmanns (we were at Ethan's wedding this summer) and I've met a couple of the Geigers on Facebook. :) My in-laws have know the Steigelmeiers from way is a small world!! Are you going to Rachel's wedding in December?

I think they've gone to the NPSAS convention a couple times, but they usually just go to the chapter meetings. It's a lot of work to farm organically (I've known my husband since we were kids as we go to church together, but we really got to know each other while bean walking together. :) ) but it seems to pay off if you stick to it. :)

Thanks!! We think she's a sweetheart...but I guess we're biased. ;)

Cora Beth said...

I hope we'll be able to go to John & Rachel's wedding! We'll see how the weather is though and all that. Do you plan to go? If so, then perhaps we'll meet there. :)

Daniel and Rachel said...

Yes, we're also planning to permitting. :) Their wedding is on my husband's birthday, but I think we'll still go as we didn't have any other plans made when we got the invitation. :)