Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pictures coming soon...

I was working on a picture-full post, but "It" is being slow right now, so that post will have to wait for another time to get posted.

Today was another busy day, with the guys working on the building; Mom doing sessions with clients in Bismarck most of the day; and myself washing, drying, and folding/hanging up Dad and Mom's clothing that they wore while on their vacation. Plus, I ground up (then froze) the batch of tomato sauce the boys and I had cooked yesterday and then worked on a skirt alteration project... I'm feeling a little better today thankfully, but am glad I have one more day to recuperate before heading back into town for work at the nursing home!

Andrew and I did something during evening chores that really brought back memories for me... He sat on one side of his milk cow, Sally, and milked while I sat on the other side and milked--resulting in getting done in half the time that it normally takes to milk her. Sally held her milk up at first, but then got used to us quickly, relaxed, and began eating her grain. :) My mom and I used to milk our first 2 milk cows, Sadie and Clara, that way all the time, so it was fun to do that again with someone...

Off to rest~

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Miss Jen said...

Dear Cora,

It's so nice to visit you!
Glad you are feeling better!! :)
May the Lord bless you this week
in your duties!!

Love~ Jen