Monday, October 18, 2010

Glad to be sick...

Yes, today was a rare day when I was actually glad to have a throbbing headache; a stuffy head; a slight fever; a non-stop runny nose; a frequent sneeze explosion; and an earache!
WHY, you say? Because---I was too sick to go to work in town (and didn't want to spread this around, so I took my first sick day leave ever) and consequently was home when my parents arrived at 5:00pm... They showed us lots and lots of pictures before (and after) our supper of tacos, (with cake and homemade ice cream for dessert.)

It is soooooooooo nice to all be together again!!! Dad and Mom are very happy to be back too (although they say they had a wonderful, wonderful time) and are so glad to be able to sleep in their own bed once more and drink their own water and eat their own, healthy food. Hooray for ND farm living!!!!!!

(Pictures to come tomorrow. For now, I need to get some good healthy sleep.)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
Although it would be hard for me to say that I was glad that you were sick, it was soooooooo wonderful when we drove in the yard and your papa said, "The van is here, Dawn." Then I saw your face, along with your brothers', and it was the best part of the whole trip.
Thanks a million for all that you did to give us the dream vacation of a lifetime!!
Hope you're well soon!!!!!!!!!!

Love you soooooo much,