Sunday, October 31, 2010

The cows are home!

This morning after chores, I learned that we were bringing the cows home today... So, after the coveralls were donned; the milk cow and the steers were locked in a separate pen; and the fence was opened, Dad and Andrew hopped on their dirt bikes, Mom got in the van, Jacob jumped in the Ram, and I got to drive the 4-wheeler. It took about 2 hours from the time we left our farm until we got the cows home from the pasture (about 3 miles up the road), so everything went pretty well. I think my mom got some pictures, so perhaps there will be some to share at a later date.

Once the cows were locked in the proper place and fed some hay bales, we all ate a quick lunch of pancakes with whipped cream and peach sauce, and then I headed for town. I just got home after a VERY busy night--it was extra busy because we were short-staffed and we had to work around the hallways-full of Trick or Treaters. But, we managed. It was fun to see 2 of our neighbor families, so that was the bonus of working today. :) I so very much dislike what Halloween stands for though that it was not very pleasant being around "Witches" and "Goblins" and etc, etc.... I'm glad that's behind us for another year!

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Laura said...

Hello Cora Beth!

How wonderful that you were able to get all the cows home! It sounds like a busy, but productive day for you all!

I hope you rest well tonight and have a lovely day tomorrow!

With lots of love
from Laura