Wednesday, October 13, 2010

By the oceanside...

We just finished talking to our parents who spent the day exploring Muir Woods and then sitting beside the ocean, dipping their feet in the cold waters. They said they're really enjoying themselves (outside of the driving part of the adventure which is daunting, but which is getting better as they get more familiar with things.) They like their hotel and had just begun watching the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice that we sent along with them when we talked.

I realize now that I didn't say where they went yesterday and Mother hasn't had time to write about it yet, so just in case you're curious, they went to the "Organic Pastures Dairy" for a tour and to buy some raw milk products! It was quite a drive for them, but they got to get out in the country that way...

Around home, things are going smoothly. Andrew went out grain cleaning all day, which meant that I got to/had to milk his cow, Sally both times today. She's not used to me I guess, as she just stood there like a statue the whole time, not even bothering to eat the corn I'd dumped on top of the grain in her trough. Perhaps she ate too much alfalfa hay to be hungry, I don't know.

Jacob and I worked on homey things (made more ice cream!) and on a surprise for Dad and Mom for when they get home. (I'm not going to post about that though, as they read my blog, I know!)

And once again, it is the end of a busy day and time for sleep, so I shall bid you a good night.

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