Sunday, October 10, 2010


We've heard from our parents twice so far, since they left at 3:30 this morning...

First phone call (around 8:00 this morning):

They had made it to Minneapolis with smooth flying. They had not looked at their travel-guide-book yet.

Second phone call (around 11:30 this morning):

They were still in Minneapolis, as they had boarded their plane, only to have to wait for mechanics to try and fix a problem they were having with one of the engines on the plane. After waiting quite a while, they were finally told to get back off the plane, as the problem was too large to fix anytime soon and they would travel via another, older plane. All the passengers were given a free meal because of this inconvenience... Our parents had looked at their travel-guide-book by this time and, according to Jacob, they were really excited! :)

I'm thinking they're almost in San Francisco by now and am awaiting phone call #3.

And now--for an answered prayer!
You know how last night I asked for prayer about the whale tour? Well, I received these 2 e-mails this morning from the friendly guy at the whale tour place:

Good morning Cora,
Last night I would have given odds of a 1 out of 10 shot at being able to go out of this morning, it's more like 7 out of 10, thanks to a major change in the direction of this Pacific storm!

Hang in there and hopefully we'll see "Mom and Dad" tomorrow!


Dear Cora,

Apparently, our "Columbus Day Storm" which was due to arrive out in The Gulf of The Farallones by tonight and ruin our whale watching plans for Monday HAS NOW STALLED out in the Western Pacific!!!

This is unbelievably great news as this type of major National Marine Weather Service REVISION very rarely happens (they don't like to admit it when they're wrong!), so we are going to take advantage of it and are NOW planning on "all systems GO" for tomorrow's trip.

We will keep you up to speed if there are any NEW changes!

Roger (your VERY happy passenger accounts and safety guy), for: .

GOD HEARS AND ANSWERS PRAYER! HOW WONDERFUL!!! :) Thank you for joining me in praying for this long-awaited for vacation. I will keep you updated on further news we receive...

And hear at home, things are going well. The boys and I picked a loader-bucket nearly full of field corn this morning, then husked it and laid it out to dry. When it is dry, the boys will run it through our corn sheller and then grind it up for Sally to enjoy with her oats. She really likes it!

Then, we separated cream/milk so we can once again make ice cream (that's still on my list for today...)

Now the boys are out working on the building and I'm baking bread; washing the fridges off and reorganizing the magnets and Bible verses, etc...; and now I'll go get a batch of freezer-tomato-sauce cooking and then work on that ice cream.

What a lovely day it is to be alive!

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