Monday, November 1, 2010

Who got home first--Cora or Robert?

Here are the facts:

Cora (myself) worked from 2:00PM to 10:30PM at the nursing home in Napoleon and then drove the 15 or so miles home.

Robert (my dad) left with the semi at 8:00AM and hauled grain from Kintyre to Sterling for a while, then loaded a load of sunflowers at a farmer's place and hauled it to Enderlin (a couple hours away from our farm), then drove all those miles home, going past Napoleon too.

Who do you think got home first?

It was:

Cora--by about 2 minutes. When I drove in the yard and parked the car, I looked up the road I'd just come on and saw lights, which turned out to be my dad's semi lights. :)

We are still busy with putting up the abundant harvest.... This morning, before going to town, I cut up a bunch of apples for sauce and juice. Tomorrow carrot digging and beet pulling are on the agenda. Anyone want to come help? :)

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