Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I spent part of the morning and afternoon packing, ironing, and packing (in that order, yes.) I also made a birthday card for Dorena; wrapped her gift; and baked her a carrot cake. :) I searched for a healthy frosting recipe online and gave this one a try.... Hopefully it will taste good! This recipe does not work for making roses, I found out, but works tolerably well for other flowers and leaves, etc...

Dad and Andrew worked on the semi some and then, after using the pressure-washer to clean it up nicely, they took it to Bismarck and left it at North Country Trucks to be fixed. Apparently, solving the problem requires very specific tools and more know-how than our guys possess at the present time.

Mom and Jacob worked on Jacob's schoolwork for quite a while and then Mother worked on sessions for clients again...

This evening, after chores and supper were over, we had a music-jamming time in the living room and then played a game of Rummy (while Mom wrote an e-mail.) After that came family prayer, then fish watching, and now it's time for bed once again.

And that was our day, in a nut-shell.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Cora,
I am soooo glad that you get to spend some time with your special friends! Isn't it wonderful that all 3 of you are still single and you get to romp around together "Free as a jaybird" as my mother used to say? :)
I'm going to miss you something awful, but I know that you deserve a vacation dear, faithful daughter.
Please give your friends hugs from your mother as you know that I love them both!!!!!!!!!!
I'm praying for you to have a safe trip there AND a safe trip back home to us next Tuesday.
Love with all of my heart,
Your mother

Rachel said...

Oh, sounds like great fun! :D I am sure you will have a most splendid time my dear! :) I am sure your friend will love the cake you made for her too. ;)

Music-jamming,....sounds just like us! :D We love to "jam" to music (Gaither vocal band is usually our favorite) and sing while we work or just any time really. :)

Have a great time and a safe trip to see your friend! :D
Love and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Jam sessions are the greatest!!!