Saturday, November 13, 2010

Andrew Robert (20)

Andrew gave Mom and I several suggestions when asked what he'd like for his special birthday feast. "Tin Foil Stew" was one of them, and as we hadn't had it in so long, we decided to make the birthday boy some stew...

I also made him a cheesecake and put cherries on top. Delicious!!!

Andrew, after he opened the new board game my parents and I bought him. It's a farming game called "Agricola" and we played a 3-hour-long game of it this afternoon! It was really pretty fun, once we figured out all the complex rules and some of the strategies...

Dad and Mom decided to buy Andrew gun cases for his shotgun and his rifle. As Jacob was along when Mom picked them out, he decided to spend his birthday money from our extended relatives on 2 cases also for his guns...

Oh, and this picture doesn't have anything to do with Andrew's birthday, but it does have to do with happiness, so I thought I'd share it.
Below are some very happy cows, eating out in the combined corn field.....

Tomorrow we will be working our calves, so please pray for all to go well. My dad's cousin, Jerome is coming to help us, so that's a blessing, especially since I have to leave after 1:00 to go work in town. :( I'd best get to bed so I can open my eyes again in the morning when my alarm goes off!

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Rachel Beth said...

Dear Cora

I'm sure Andrew had a great day! Birthday's are always so special! :)

Gosh, the Tin Foil Stew looks interesting - I've never heard of it! Oh and the cherry cake must have been delicious! :)

Have a good weekend further.
God bless.
love, Rachel*