Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It was a Nacho popcorn night!

While helping prepare lunch today, I needed to grind some flour to put in my white sauce, and in the process of digging out the mill, I found a small Ziploc bag of our Nacho cheese popcorn leftover from Sabbath. I thought I'd take it along with me to town so I had something to snack on on the way home. I forgot about it, but Mother noticed the bag when I was getting ready to go and asked me if I wanted it put in the freezer so it kept fresh, and I said that no, I planned to take it with me. (You're probably wondering why I'm writing all this, right?)

Well, this evening, after my CNA partner and I had all the 20 people on our end fed and nicely tucked in their beds, we were exhausted and ready for a break. I got a glass of water and, when I came back to the nurses' station, here was my partner with a snack she'd brought from home: Yep! You guessed it! A small Ziploc bag of Nacho cheese popcorn!!!! I just had to tell her then about my popcorn. :) We both just laughed and laughed, as neither of us have a habit of hauling a bag of popcorn along to work--and yet here we both were with some along to snack on. :) How funny is that?

I wanted to point you all in the direction of my friend, Rachel P.s' blog tonight, as she posted about her prize-winning cake--pictures and all. I think she did a tremendous job! Click HERE to see the "Harvest Cake."

I'm in the process now of planning a mini-vacation for myself and a dear friend of mine, to go down to visit another dear friend of mine in SD in a couple weeks. It's to be a birthday surprise for the friend we're going down to visit and I can hardly wait for November 19th to come!!!! :)

Other than that, I was at work in town for most of the day, so don't know much of what went on around here.? I work again tomorrow, and then I'm done 'til Monday, so it will be nice to have some at home time!!!

Well, good night. Sleep tight. And, as I said to one of the residents tonight, "Don't let the bedbugs bight." She smiled and assured me she wouldn't. :)

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Cora,
What are the chances of both of you taking nacho cheese popcorn to work in a Ziploc bag on the very same day? That is rather EERIE!
Thanks for posting that VERY interesting story!
I'm praying that your trip works out and you will have a phenominal time with our sunshine girl!!!!!
Love you so much,