Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adventures of the day, and the last pictures from my trip...

The boys and I went outside this afternoon to have some fun in the winter-weather. While out, I took this picture of our building project:
The boys have found a fun way to "Sled" and wanted me to try it too. I fell off twice; pulled Andrew around for a while; then let the boys have their noisy and wild fun while I took pictures....
"Run faster, Millie!"

Oh what fun it is to ride on a one-track open sleigh....sleigh?

Jacob didn't stay on all the time either! ;)

And here's a short video I took of my brothers...

And now, for the rest of my vacation pictures!
Sunday morning, we all got up early and ate a hurried breakfast and got ready for church. Dorena wanted to go early so as to be able to practice a violin song she and Katie (her sister) and the pastor's daughter were playing during the service.
After Bible study and the main service were finished, everyone shared a potluck meal in the church basement. What was really neat was that, the lady sitting kitty-corner from me had baked the cake for the churches' anniversary, so she and I got talking about cakes a bit and pretty soon we put two and two together and realized that we took the exact same cake decorating class 2 years ago!!! :) How funny is that?
After the meal was over, the baskets got distributed between everyone--by way of playing a game about the churches' history. I picked a basket we'd put together the night before, so as to see if our muffins and cookies were any good. :)
After filling gas in Lemmon, we all headed out to Mr. and Mrs. Wiechmanns' place---the place where Dorena grew up.
Just so you know, if you ever want to visit them, you just go on this long, curvy driveway....
...for about 6 miles and then you'll be at their ranch. :)

It was time to start supper when we got to our final destination. Here's Katie (Dorena's sister) cooking up some something good...
Of course, we had to have some group pictures!
(Left to right: Miranda, Bethany G., Mara, Dorena, myself, and Mrs. Wiechmann)

After supper was over, it was time to sing happy birthday to the special birthday girl. Here Dorena had just opened up the present from my mom: a wall calendar with the Psalms on each month. Isn't her hair cute? Her dad did it himself! :)
After watching a neat movie called, "The note" all together in the living room, and after visiting and giggling a lot, Miranda, Dorena and I climbed up in the loft and got a good nights sleep--after some more giggling of course!
The next morning, after devotions, breakfast, and etc...., Miranda and I made the decision to head home, as the weatherman was predicting a lot more snow to come down the following day. We were kind of hoping we'd get snowed in so that we'd have to stay the winter, but that didn't happen. :)
Before leaving though, I asked Dorena for a quick tour of the farm. Mike, a friend of the Wiechmanns who was visiting at the time too, took some pictures for us. :)
~Good friends~
We figured out that Dorena and I've known each other for about 12 years and Miranda and I've been friends for about 8. What fun to all be together!
Little house on the prairie:
This picture was taken over in front of the bunk-house---where the Wiechmann young men used to stay before they were married. It now gets used as a guest house and/or for storage.
One more picture in front of the cute bunk-house--this time with Justy too and Bates (the dog) posing, kind of...
Next, we went to see...

...the chicken coop. :)
Beyond the coop was the pen that held the British White bulls. We walked through their pen to get to the horses...

I believe the brown horses' name was Kind Eyes, but I can't think of the other horses' name...
And this horse's name is DAWN! Dorena offered to take a picture of Dawn and I together so I could show my mom when I got home. :)

Oh, and here is their milk cow...
Right around noon, we made ourselves say "Goodbye". :(
What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time we had, a trip to remember always...
As we went back through Lemmon, Miranda tried getting a picture of this really neat sign that's made out of petrified wood, but I was driving while she was taking it, so this is what we got: :)
This wood is only a small sampling of what is in the park just down the street a little ways!
The Wiechmann's friend, Mike, traveled ahead of us for about an hour of our journey, so it was nice to not be all alone on the snowy roads. After about 3 hours of driving, we arrived in our neck of the woods once more. We picked up Molly in town, got some cookie supplies at the grocery store, and then headed out to the Geiger's house. I got to help them decorate about 20 dozen cookies that evening! It actually went faster than I thought it would, thanks to the many hands working together to get the job done. When Mr. Geiger got home from work, we ate a very tasty supper then cleaned up the kitchen quickly and had a time of family Bible reading and prayer. The girls and I stayed up then 'til about midnight, watching "Mrs. Miracle"---a great movie that the G. family had just rented and watched the night before.
The following morning, Miranda and some of her sisters had to get up early and go into town to work, so, seeing as I slept in a bit, I missed telling them goodbye. (Goodbye girls!) I helped the boys with some dishes and a little laundry, played a game with them and Jubilee, then gave Mikayla a hug and headed for home.
I met my folks in Steele, as they were heading for Bismarck, so we exchanged quick hugs and then I went home and got ready for work in town and, after the noon meal, left for work right away. Needless to say, I was pretty tired by the time that night was over, as I'm sure Miranda was too!
Speaking of being tired, I'm tired now and should probably get some sleep...
I hope you enjoyed reading about my/our vacation and seeing it in pictures.~


Tamera said...

Goodness, you sure stuffed a LOT of adventure into your "vacation." :-) Sounds like you had SO much fun!

Kimberly said...

It looked like a wonderful time. So nice you could get there and back again. I liked all the pictures of your trip and the ones you took at home. Your building is looking good. Our people went snowmobiling yesterday, too. So, I guess, the snow is nice for some things.

Anonymous said...

Yup... looked like a blast! Sorry I didn't get to see you for longer...I just am always trying to catch up on sleep, though ( : Later,