Monday, November 15, 2010

Cattle working...

Below are a few pictures from our busy day yesterday, working the calves. It was pretty cold out, although my family informed me that the sun did come out after noon and it warmed up a bit.

Dad and Andrew hauling out some supplies:

This picture was taken of the calves after we had them all sorted off from the cows and bulls:
A feed-bunk works well as a work bench!

The calves, again...

Dad's cousin, Jerome (in the blue jacket) helped give shots; Mom was the other shot giver and syringe filler; Dad was in back, doing the banding and bringing the calves up one at a time; Andrew was the calf catcher and squeezer and eye-coverer; Jacob handed Dad the bander and bands and cutter, plus he helped with tagging the calves who weren't already tagged; and while I was helping, I mixed the vaccines up, tagged a few calves and wrote down in a notebook the calf records (their tag numbers, gender, color, etc...).
Praise the Lord for safety while working with 120+ half wild calves, and while sorting off their mommies and papas too!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
Thanks so much for a wonderful post of our big day. Isn't it wonderful that that dasterdly job is behind us for the year?
Sleep well my dear!