Friday, November 5, 2010

Misc. pictures---and birthday fun...

I took the following 3 pictures a few days ago and am just getting around to posting them now. Enjoy~

The cows, here at home...
Some of the carrots Andrew dug out and I topped and put in pails for later use...
Building progress... (The flooring is almost all laid down and nailed on after todays' work.)

One of the requests Jacob had for his birthday was that Lady be let in the house for a little while. He loves my puppy nearly as much (if not as much) as I do, so, after I washed her muddy little paws off, we welcomed her inside. :) Andrew got down her dog-bed from the attic while I made room, once again, in my room for it... Lady liked being inside for a while, but then wanted to go back out and run around with Millie as it was so lovely out. This evening however, she thought it would be nice to come inside with us after chores. We didn't let her in yet, as it's still pretty nice outside...
Now for the birthday pictures!
Here's the 15 year old birthday boy, Jacob Austin, and his plate-ful of present: (a CD of the Waddington family's music.)
We VERY rarely have chips at our house, so for a treat, Mom usually buys us a bag of our favorite chips for our birthday meal. Jacob's favorite happens to be: The present table:
"Hmmmmm.... What could this be?"
Here's the cake, fashioned after Jacob's guitar----kind of:

I took a lot more pictures I could share, but I think I'll let Jacob post them and tell you about his special day. :)


Kimberly said...

That's so sweet about Jacob and Lady. A young man that age is very good with a dog. I love the cake! Good job.

Rachel Beth said...

Dear Cora
I always enjoy your posts and pictures! :)
I'm sure Jacob enjoyed his birthday and the special cake you made for him.
God bless
Lots of love,