Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yesterday found us playing a game:

Today found us watching a play: (We were there early!)

My parents planned a surprise for us all--as a belated thank you for all the help we did to get ready for Grandpa's auction sale this summer.
First, they took us out to the Golden Corral for a meal.
Then, they had decided to do something different and to take us to see a live performance at the Bismarck State College auditorium this afternoon. Andrew and I were quite small when we were in Medora last and saw their musical production, and Jacob had never been to anything such as this, so it was quite an experience for us all. :) The actual play, "Comic Potential" was pretty humorous, although it had some pretty weird parts as well that I wish they would have cut out... All the actors did a tremendous job, but I think the farmer was my favorite character--and not just because he was a farmer. He was just very talented and hilarious!
After the play was over, we went to visit Grandma in her/their apartment. She had just been to visit Grandpa and said he's doing better today. PTL! He may be able to go back home tomorrow, depending on how he feels after they do his dialysis treatment again. We decided not to visit him today though, as some of us are just getting over a cold and didn't want to share it with him...
Well, I'm really tired tonight as, for some reason, it seems later than it really is.... :)

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