Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I read the following statistics at a friends' site recently and thought I'd share them here. Please pray for your farmers' safety this day.....

Work their farms from the crack of dawn, until the books are done at night.

In 2010 there have been 438 farmers killed on the job in the U.S.
Farmers produce the food that keeps us alive, and 85 farmers' children
have been killed on their farms so far this year.

Every meal is a good time to think of the people who made it possible.... REPOST if you're a farmer, love a farmer, appreciate farmers, or eat!

There is always so much happening on a farm... For instance, this morning found my brothers and I out stringing electric fence wire around our 40+ acre corn field, and then once that was finished, Andrew and I fenced around the big trench that's out there (designed to put rocks in as we find them) so the cows and calves don't fall in. Then we let the cattle out and they were very happy! :)

This morning also found Mom and I hauling our excess pumpkins to the goats and slicing them up for their breakfast. :)

This morning also found Andrew hauling a couple flax bales up to our neighbors' place so this neighbor could cover his sewer trench over the cold Winter months. Andrew happened to arrive while this farmer neighbor was eating his breakfast, so Andrew joined him for a pumpkin bar. :)

On the way home from the neighbors', Andrew saw that a combine (in a field a couple miles up the road from our place) had burned over night! :(

....After lunch, it was time to get the house back in order quick, as Mother was having a client come out to the farm at 1:00.

And after that, I went to work in town; Dad hauled grain all day; Andrew worked out of doors; Jacob did his school; the snow fell; and I don't even know what else happened around here today?

Such is farm life. It's a good life though! :)

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