Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carrots and clothes...

What a lovely day it was today. Most of the snow has melted and, for a while, we were able to be outdoors without even a jacket on!
day found Dad trucking; Mother in Bismarck; and we 3 others at home, carrying on with what needs doing here, such as:

  • Nailing the flooring on the building

  • Digging 3 long rows of carrots

  • Changing around my Summer and Winter clothes (plus I cleaned my closet--hooray!)

  • Cooking meals

  • Doing dishes

  • Chasing a calf in

  • Feeding the cows

  • Doing the chores

  • Visiting twice with hunting friends that we met several years ago

  • Visiting with Gaylin and Tom--two of our hunting, Dream Ranch benefactor friends

  • Doing secretarial work--taking messages and giving out cell numbers

  • Putting garden decorations away for the Winter

  • Doing schoolwork

  • Listening to election talk (we voted about a week ago)

  • Doing some Fall decorating

  • Etc...

Andrew took this picture of me with his I-pod and then mailed it to my e-mail address--all while standing out in the middle of the garden. :)

We are also getting excited as there'll be a birthday boy at our place come Friday. :) What joy!


Rachel Beth said...

Dear Cora,
I miss you! It's been a while since we've been in touch - (my fault for using up all my internet data half-way through last month!)

I like the picture of you in the garden, taken with Andrew's i-pod - what technology can do! :)

God bless you.
Lots of love,

Dawn Bornemann said...

My dearest Cora Beth,
How wonderful you are to keep the home fires buring while I am working up in Bismarck! May God bless you richly for it!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for getting those wonderful, organic carrots dug. I walked in the entryway last night and the smell greeted me with this thought, "My wonderful children, under the direction of Cora, have been hard at work also!" Oh how I love my girl. :)
I loved your comment AND your picture. I just told Andrew that I used to dispise technology for how it steals from families. However, Andrew has certainly challanged my viewpoint on this in the past few years--especially when I get to read YOUR blog. :)
Have a great day dearie!
I love you sooooooooo much,