Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The harvest is home!!!

Praise the Lord for lovely weather in November!!! My dad and brother Andrew finished combining the corn today and got it safely put away in the bin (and put air on it!!!)

What a wonderful sight this was to behold yesterday:

Now THAT could make a lot of cornbread!

One of Andrew's in-between projects (in-between dumping the truckloads of corn for Dad), was to put up the new light fixture we bought at Menards on Sunday. The boys decided to take down the ceiling fan that was in their room, now that they have new mattresses, as the added height of the mattresses made it unsafe for them to use the fan. Besides that, the fan also made it difficult for them to get into bed, so down it came!
Another in-between project was that Andrew and I finished digging our potatoes. Horray!

Most of my morning was spent in the kitchen, making bread; pizza; caramel rolls; ice cream; and yogurt. This afternoon, I thoroughly cleaned my fish tank (put a new filter in; scrubbed down the walls and one of the plants; syphon-cleaned off the rocks; changed a third of the water....)

Mom and Jacob were in Bismarck all day. They were able to pick up our (and the K's) Azure order in Dawson before heading to the city, and then met up with Sarah K. at Mom's office. Then, Jacob had to renew his driving permit and buy some Winter boots....

Mother had asked me before she left if I would like her to buy a Plecko (a cleaning fish) if she had time. I said yes, as I'd like to try raising one again, now that my tank is stabilized and my fish are living! Sooooo, tonight when they got home, Mom had with her a little plastic bag, containing water and a Plecko. It seems to be doing well so far and is much more active than the other one I had. The snails just aren't keeping up with the algae growth, so I'm hoping this little guy will be able to help them keep up. :)

After releasing Mr. Plecko, we were all watching him for a while, when I noticed a little movement along the side of the glass, down under an inch of rocks. Upon closer inspection, we found it was a baby fish!!! As it was stuck in the rocks and wouldn't survive if we left it there, and it wouldn't survive if we let it out with the big fish, Dad helped me come up with a plan.... I sucked him up with my siphon hose and then Dad helped me catch him in a clear glass. We crumbled a little fish-food into the glass for the baby and then covered the top with a piece of nylon and used a rubber-band to secure it. Then I gently set the glass inside of the aquarium, where we can all see it easily. :) I hope Little Fish will survive so we can watch it grow and find out what kind of a fish it is!

Isn't life interesting?


Rachel Beth said...

Dear Cora

I'm sure it's a wonderful relief (and satisfaction) to have the harvest in! Yes, that mound would make a LOT of corn bread! :)

I'm glad to hear that your fishtank has stabalized. Baby fish are so cute, but oh dear, so small! There is a type of little "cage" you should be able to get from the petshop which is specially made for keeping baby fish inside the tank, but out of harm. We found they work quite well.

Have a lovely day.
God bless & lots of love,

Rachel said...

Yeah! Hurray! :D So glad that's done. I know that's quite a big undertaking. ;) Is that the last that you have to do with the harvest and all? :) That load of corn is a wonderful sight to you all I'm sure. :)

Ah. fans that get in the way...I know just what you mean. ;) Lol! You should see our rooms, we have a fan like that in our room (Jessica has to make sure to watch her head climbing onto the top bunk...good thing she is so tiny!). :)

I hope your new plecko fish does well this time! :D And congrats on your new baby fish! How sweet! :D It will be interesting to see what kind he turns out to be. ;) Yes indeed, life certainly is interesting! :D HeHe!

Love and Hugs Cora Beth! :D
Hope you have a blessed week! :)