Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last Saturday...

We girls woke up early to get the lasagnas prepared and the breakfast eaten quickly, so we could head out in the old pickup truck to round up the cows. It was "Preg. checkin' time" at the grandparents' place. After getting all the cows in, then sorting a few off to sell, the guys (Ethan, Justy, and a neighbor) had things under control, so we ladies went back inside where it was warm and baked an apple pie--with lots of cinnamon... ...and looked at pictures from Ethan & Katie's wedding.

The guys finished with the cows around 12:30 and then we shared a nice warm meal together. After kitchen clean-up was over, and after more visiting, Dorena, Miranda and I headed for Hettinger. First we stopped where Dorena works as an EMT and got some pictures. :)

...Inside an ambulance: (Just in case, like me, you've never had to see the inside of one of these before.)
This is Dorena's little home away from home--her room at the station. It's very cozy and cute! Next we stopped and bought some groceries, mainly things on "Grandma's" list, but amongst them being supplies for a special church project... Dorena's church was celebrating their 101st anniversary and they were hosting a basket exchange. Dorena had told her mama that we'd take care of the baskets for several family members---the total when added together being 16.
Soooooooooo, after buying some hot chocolate packages; granola bars; and muffin mixes at the store, we headed over to the local thrift store to look for some baskets. After quite a search, we found 16 baskets that we all liked and the purchase was made.
After fueling up at the gas station, we headed out to Ben and Ruth's farm.
(Below: White Butte in the fog...) We arrived there around 5:00 and spent the next 5 or so hours very delightfully---mixing up pancake batter; baking a BUNCH of carrot cake in the wood stove; shaking several quarts of cream in a 2 gallon bucket until it turned into butter; making cheese; making a different kind of lasagna; playing with the children; visiting; holding the baby; doing the dishes; sharing a meal; and listening to Ben play his accordion.
Ruth and the newest member of their family, little Hannah...
Miranda and sweet Rosemary... (We thought it was so cute when Rosemary said that she had 3 aunties there, meaning Dorena, Miranda, and myself!)
Ben, Ruth and Dorena practicing to sing in the choir the following day...
We finally tore ourselves away and headed back to the grandparent's place, so as to get the muffins and cookies baked for putting in the baskets for church the following morning.
In between batches, we took our showers and then watched "No Greater Love". By the time this picture was taken, it was quite late in the day and we were feeling rather silly!
Just look at all those empty baskets!
Dorena cut out little hearts and wrote Bible verses on them, then taped the hearts to the hot chocolate packages...
"Hmmmm.... Maybe there's hope of getting these filled before morning?"
At long last, we were finished. It was 2:30AM and we were tired, but happy.
The next morning came way too quickly, but I'll tell about that another day.~


Rachel Beth said...

Hello Cora!
I've enjoyed reading your post on your trip away, and seeing the pictures of course. :) It looks like you had a good time!

God bless you.

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your trip! :D So glad you were able to go and had such a great time with your friends! :)

Love and Hugs sweetie! :D