Friday, April 29, 2011


It was a difficult day here on the farm (see Mother's blog post for more details if so desired), but God saw us through and we are all back at home together again, ready for a much needed rest!


Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,
Oh, you poor dears...I just finished reading your mama's blog. I left a comment on both hers and your brother, Jacob's. Please know that we will be praying for him, the cow, and your family. You have had so much to deal with lately. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today.

God bless,
Mrs. Laura

Savories of Life said...

praying for you. Drp in and comment on my blog.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Cora,
I used my Kitchen Aid Ultra Power (300 Watt) before I purchased my Bosch. Of course it's smaller than the one you have (and you'll love it!) and used to make 2 loaves at a time with it. I've had mine since 1997 and it's still going strong. Love your green house; we have yet to get the plastic on our hoop house. We are VERY late. Must have had 4" of snow, too.