Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The greenhouse works!

......Meaning: it gets very warm in there (and moist!!!)! While out of doors, it looked like this and was a temperature of 30-37F degrees:

Inside, it felt like Summer, reaching a temperature of, can you believe this, 107F degrees!!!!! We will definitely have to get the other door put in so we can open both ends when the outside temperature increases and makes the inside temp. even warmer!

Dad and the boys have been buying barrels from Titan Machinery in Kintyre ($4 a piece) and today we started filling them so the water will absorb and hopefully maintain some of the heat into the night time. Here's our row of barrels, and Andrew, tilling, while I'm picking rocks. :)
I had attempted to till at first, but when the tiller just skimmed across the ground, pulling me with it, Andrew took over, thankfully! He got a real workout too! He went over the ground several times, tilling in the composted manure and peat moss we added to the soil...

Right before supper, the boys and I marked off 4 beds inside the greenhouse and planted one of them with carrots, lettuce, beans, peas, beets and broccoli seeds. It will be a learning experience growing in such a warm, humid environment and, if anyone has suggestions or sees something we're doing wrong, your advice would be welcomed!

Well, I'd best post this and get some sleep. Jacob and I are checking the cows around 2:00AM, taking Andrew's 4-wheeler. I didn't mind taking the tractor out by myself and checking, but when I did, the cows all got up and followed me all over, thinking it was time to get fed, so now the guys have gone to checking cows with the ATV and I don't feel comfortable taking that out by myself, so Jacob agreed to come along. :) Last night, Andrew took the 3:30 checking time and there was trouble with a weak calf, so he came in and got Dad and Mom to help him get the cow in. Andrew never did get any sleep after that and Dad didn't get a lot of sleep either, as he took the 1:00 check and then the 5:30.... Hopefully things will be more peaceful tonight.

We were praising God for the sunshine today!!!!!!! It melted quite a bit of the snow and dried off the calves. Now we're praying that the storm that's in the making for tomorrow night doesn't hit our area!


Savories of Life said...

Wow! You have a green house. That is one of my dreams to have a green hosue but it is one of those some day things.

Laura said...

Dear Miss Cora Beth,

I'm so pleased with the success of your greenhouse! What a blessing it will be for your family. I certainly can understand your dilemma with the tiller...I have a very difficult time running ours. My husband or my sons usually till for us...I guess I'm just not strong enough to really churn up that soil!

Of course, our greenhouse is on a much smaller scale, but several things have helped when the temps get really high. One thing that we do is to put a tarp over the top...many of the large greenhouses around here do this as keeps the heat in...but cuts down on the direct rays from the sun. The other lifesaver for us was a window that my youngest son fashioned out of an old step ladder he found from the dump. He used the part where the hinges are as the is really quite neat... and so I can push it open to let air in...and then pull it closed as the temps drop. I'm not explaining it very well...perhaps I'll blog about it so that you can see what it looks like. Window vents really help in greenhouses.

Well, speaking of which, I'm off to do some gardening. Hope the sun is shining where you are...and that your little calves are doing well.

Have a blessed day,
Mrs. Laura