Monday, April 11, 2011

Great news, good news, and bad news....

Let's reverse that, though, and give you the bad news first:

Jacob was disappointed today because his Teen Driver Safety movie didn't make it to the judging round. :( Maybe next time, Jacob!

Good news: Andrew headed for some Organic farming friends' place this morning to clean grain for 2 days, but I guess he had some troubles and broke down (he thought it might be something major), but the good news is that he and our friends were able to fix the problem and got everything up and running again! He is spending the night there, as it's a couple hours drive away, so those of us here at home get to milk Sally for the next few chores!

And the GREAT news is that, while I was away at work in town, Dad (after he was done with a cleaning job that lasted all morning and part of the afternoon), Mom (after baking bread and doing sessions) and Jacob (after doing schoolwork, I assume, and checking the cows) put up the plastic on the greenhouse!!!!! They still need to make the doors, but the plastic is UP! I can hardly wait for morning to come so I can see it! :)

I wonder what tomorrow will bring....?

PS. The calf report for today was down a bit: "Only" 2.

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Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,

Well, well, things are certainly busy at your home! I really enjoy reading about all the "happenings" around your farm...much of it sounds like home here! I am thankful that all worked out for wonderful to know that the Lord is with him all the way. Mechanical problems can be so expensive! We feel very blessed here because our youngest son seems to really have a gift for engines and such, so when we have a truck or motor issue...we call on Samuel!

You must be so excited about your greenhouse! My husband and sons built a small one for me several years ago...what a blessing! We, too, are currently covering it again in plastic...this winter was quite harsh on it. I'm excited about getting all my seedlings out there and growing!

Hope you and your family have a very blessed day!
Mrs. Laura